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Vivo Sales Carnival: Get Up To 50% Discount on Vivo Smartphones

It’s been a year since Vivo came into Nepal now. And in this single year, Vivo has gained immense popularity in the market. Thanks in part to the design of their phones. Anyway, Vivo wants to celebrate the success that they have had in the past year in Nepal. That celebration is Vivo Sales Carnival.

Vivo Sales Carnival will see Vivo smartphones getting 15% to 50% discount. That is a very alluring deal. But, it won’t last forever. The offer is valid until January 1st of 2019. So hurry up people.

vivo sales carnival

Out of the phones discounted, Vivo Y65 and Vivo Y53 were launched in 2017. And they were budget phones of that time. So, it makes no sense in buying these phones at the end of 2018 as there are already so many other good options for you on the market.

The deal that is worth checking out is the Vivo V9 Youth. The tech it packed for the price tag that it had before was not up to par but with the price lowered, Vivo V9 Youth is starting to look reasonable. Especially considering the large 4GB RAM and the decent cameras. Can’t forget the huge 1080p screen either.

You should also check out the Vivo V9. It was overpriced before no doubt about that. But now, at 27K, it fights with the Mi A2 lite for the best budget throne. While a similarly specced Mi A2 lite is cheaper, it doesn’t have Vivo’s style and Vivo’s fun cameras. But of course, if you have a little more money, we definitely suggest you to consider the Pocophone. That thing is a still for the price of 35K.

Here’s a list of phones getting the discount:

Vivo Smartphones Original Price Discount % Price after discount
Vivo V9 34640 20% 27712
Vivo V9 Youth 28340 20% 22672
Vivo V7 27290 20% 21832
Vivo Y85 29990 15% 25491
Vivo Y65 18890 40% 11334
Vivo Y53 14690 50% 7345

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