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VIVO Apex Announced: A Step into the Future!

The VIVO Apex is kind of like a phone straight from the “Back to the Future” franchise; meaning that they have a lot of futuristic aspects to them. Ok, what futuristic aspects?

Pop-up cameras and in-display fingerprint sensors were among the first concepts to be brought to life by the Apex lineup. Then came portless and buttonless design in a virtually no-bezel screen and now VIVO’s sort of fused both these attributes and created a hybrid setup.

vivo apex 2020

Following the exact same naming convention, VIVO announced the Apex 2020 a couple of days ago. Seeing as how the previous iterations never truly made it into the market; there are chances that the Apex 2020 too won’t be seeing the light of day as well. Nonetheless, let’s still dive into the futuristic fragments that lie inside the Apex.

VIVO APEX Overview: A Step into the Future!

Notice the hybrid setup that I was talking about earlier, well that is the first attribute we’re looking into. The Apex has a 6.45” full wrap around display with no notch and no buttons whatsoever. The display stretches by 120-degree on both sides. So, where is the selfie camera? The selfie camera is actually behind the screen and is completely invisible when the display is in use.

vivo apex display

Physical buttons and ports are all gone too. That means no headphone jack and no USB port- wireless charging is the future, apparently. The phone supports a 60W Super Flash (VIVO’s take on fast charge) wireless charging that can juice up a 2000mAh battery within just 20 minutes! The battery capacity of the Apex is a mystery though.

vivo apex camera

Rotating 180°, you get a centered dual camera setup up top. The first module is a 16MP periscopic camera that’s capable of continuous 5-7.5x optical zoom; while the secondary is a 48MP gimbal lens. The 48MP module has a “gimbal-like structure” that balances the overall mechanism through built-in mechanics.

Underneath, the phone comes equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor alongside 12/256GB internals. On a side note, the Apex just like its predecessor lacks a traditional loudspeaker and instead opts it out for a Screen SoundCasting Technology.

So, will the Apex 2020 see the light of day?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, the chances of the phone appearing are quite slim. However, alike the VIVO Apex from 2018, it could be rebranded as a new model. If not, it’s highly likely that bits and pieces of the concept will be implemented on the upcoming generation of smartphones. The under-display camera or the gimbal-based optimizations may well be the ones to be adopted soon.

And that’s it. What do you think about the VIVO’s concept phone? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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