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THREAT CON 2019 Taking Place This August; Call for Papers, Tools, and Workshops

THREAT CON is a three-day international hackers convention organized by Threat Nix Pvt Ltd. Now, when we talk about hackers, you may get the image of a guy with a hoodie sitting at his computer in a dark room with his back hunched. But hackers are mostly good people who are trying to find the flaws in the security of our digital infrastructures. So, this is not a symposium of organizations like Anonymous.


In this convention, skilled cybersecurity professionals get together to share their research, tools, and experiences with each other. The event is going to take place from August 29 – August 31. August 19 and August 30 will be dedicated to workshops. August 31 will be reserved for the conference.

THREAT CON 2019 is for anyone with an interest in cybersecurity practices and hacking in general. You don’t have to be a proficient hacker or a security professional to attend and enjoy the event; THREAT CON promises a fantastic, worthwhile experience for everyone, those new to the scene and conference veterans alike.

THREAT CON 2019 Activities

The two day workshop will feature diverse mixture of interactive activities: core talk program/presentation sessions on technical and non-technical cutting-edge research; technical workshops on various cybersecurity topics and practices; insightful keynote speeches and panel discussions from domain experts; CTF competitions; live demonstration of new tools/projects from researchers in the arsenal session.

While we are talking about the workshop, Threat Con is calling for any original papers on cybersecurity, for any new tools that you’ve built, and for any workshop ideas you might have. To get a more detailed knowledge for each call visit these pages:

The technical aspect of the conference will focus on novel developments in the field of security, attack vectors, research on various security practices or tools, whereas the non-technical aspect will overview the managerial perspective of the cybersecurity.

You know attending this conference will cost you some money. But if you are a student and are very interested in this event, you can apply for a scholarship to attend this event. For more details, check threat con’s scholarship details.

The panel of this threat con is very distinguished and includes two renowned Security researchers, Sr Security Engineer from Google, and Founder of Cure53. If you are interested in this event, check out their website and contact the organizers to know more details like ticket pricing and more.

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