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Italy’s SWM Motorcycles to Make Entry in Nepal with 3 Bike Models

Bikes of Speedy Working Motors (SWM) is expected to arrive in Nepal before the end of May.

People tend to be confused whether SWM motorcycles are manufactured in Italy. If you have the same confusion, first let me clarify that. SWM is an Italian bike company that was founded in 1971 but production ceased in 1984. However, with the help of a Chinese company, the Shineray Group, SWM was resurrected and the development of new bikes began. So basically, SWM motorcycles are manufactured in Italy with the Chinese funding.

SWM bikes are slightly tweaked Husqvarna models. Therefore, SWM bikes are expected to have impressive built quality with engine refinement. SWM bikes are said to be less punchy in low end which makes this bike suitable even for the beginner rider.

According to Sushan Baidhya, director of SWM Motorcycles Nepal, three SWM bike models are expected to hit the road of Nepal before the end of May.

The design of SWM motorcycles are surely distinctive and looks different from the bikes that are currently present in the Nepali market. SWM bikes seem to be eye catchy and are expected to grab attention in the roads of Nepal due to its distinct design of headlight, body and its twin exhaust.

Enduro 300 is dirt variant which somewhat looks similar to Husqvarna model due to its design of headlight. Silver Vase 440cc is a scrambler which tends to have due to its dual exhaust that provides a different look from the rear view. Whereas, Super Duel 650 is an adventure tourer which looks different from all of the adventure tourer available in Nepal because of its unique design of body and headlight.

SWM Bikes in Nepal

SWM Enduro

Enduro i.e RS 300 R consists of a single cylinder four-stroke engine which is cooled by the liquid with two water radiator and electric fan. The power delivery of Enduro is expected to be less punchy at lower RPM without compromising the top end speed. Kayaba suspension is used in this bike which allows it to travel in extreme off-road conditions.

SWM Enduro Key Specifications

  • Engine Displ.: 297.6cc
  • Maximum Power: kW 10,5 / 28 (RACING)
  • Maximum Torque: N/A
  • Mileage: N/A
  • No. Of Gears: 6
  • Kerb Weight: 111kg
  • Fuel Tank: 7.5 liters

SWM Enduro 300 Price in Nepal (Expected Price): Rs. 13,50,000

Silver Vase 440

Silver Vase 440 is powered from a liquid cooled single cylinder, a four-stroke engine in which electronic fuel injection is used as fueling system. As Silver Vase is a scrambler, it might not deliver sufficient power at first which makes it a comfortable machine in city and bumper to bumper traffic condition. 

Silver Vase 440 Key Specifications

  • Engine Displ.: 445.3 cc
  • Maximum Power: 29.50 HP @ 7000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 33 NM @ 5500 rpm
  • Mileage: N/A
  • No. Of Gears: 5
  • Front Brake: 260mm Fixed Single Disc
  • Rear Brake: 220mm Fixed Single Disc
  • Kerb Weight: 151kg
  • Fuel Tank: 23.5 liters

Silver Vase 440 Price in Nepal (Expected Price): Rs. 10,00,000

Super Dual 650

Adventure tourer bikes are well known due to their capability to travel in offroad conditions as well as in highways. Super Dual 650 has got genes of adventure tourer bikes as it has an aerodynamic design and windshield which allows this bike to cruise with minimal windblast. 

Latest Bike Prices

Super Dual 650 Key Specifications

  • Engine Displ.: 600 cc
  • Maximum Power: 57HP
  • Maximum Torque: N/A
  • Mileage: N/A
  • No. Of Gears: 6
  • Front Brake: 300mm Fixed Single Disc
  • Rear Brake: 220mm Fixed Single Disc
  • Kerb Weight: 169 kg
  • Fuel Tank: 18 liters

Super Duel 650 Price in Nepal (Expected Price): Rs. 18,00,000

Mr. Baidhya also said that “Spare parts of SWM bikes will be arriving with the same container in which bikes will come in Nepal. Among all three variants of SWM, scrambler will be in highlight”.  He also provided us with the information that service center of SWM motorcycles will be located at Baluwatar, Kathmandu.

Stay tuned to TechLekh as we will get you more details on this Italian brand in our upcoming posts. 

Let us know in the comments about your thoughts on these upcoming new SWM bikes in Nepal. Are you planning to buy one of them?

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