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Skullcandy Push Ultra Review: Premium Build and Outstanding Battery Life


  • Outstanding battery life
  • Premium build
  • Wireless charging
  • IP67 rating
  • Decent sound quality
  • Reliable connection


  • Ear canal seal is not good
  • Fit is not satisfactory

Skullcandy Push Ultra is the latest TWS from Skullcandy to launch in Nepal. Among various TWS, the Push Ultra is a fitness-focused TWS.

Skullcandy Push Ultra price in Nepal
Skullcandy Push Ultra

Skullcandy Push Ultra price in Nepal is Rs. 12,999 and it is available for purchase via daraz. Is it worth the price? I’ll let you know in this review of Skullcandy Push Ultra.

Skullcandy Push Ultra Specifications

  • Body: 139.5g (with case), IP67 sweat and water resistance
  • Audio Driver: 12.5mm
  • Battery: 46 hours battery life in total
  • Charging: Type C, Wireless charging support
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth V5.0
  • Colors: Black, Yellow

Skullcandy Push Ultra Price in Nepal: Rs. 12,999 | Buy Now From Daraz

Skullcandy Push Ultra Review


Skullcandy Push Ultra is an over-ear TWS with a sporty look. It has a moldable ear hook to provide good grip but the in-ear design doesn’t provide a proper seal. I don’t have any problem with this design and it comes down to personal preference.

Skullcandy Push Ultra Price in Nepal
Skullcandy Push Ultra Design

Talking about its comfort, it is pretty lightweight and the ear hook keeps it glued to the ear even while doing rigorous workouts. So, it is perfect for high-intensity workouts. Plus, the IP67 water resistance makes it sweatproof.

Both, the case and earbud have a matte finish which feels good and looks good as well. The case is premium and it also features wireless charging.

The slick zipper case makes it portable and easy to carry. It also has a UBS-Type C charging port and a LED charging indicator.

Sound Quality

The Push Ultra uses a 12.5mm audio driver and has a balanced sound profile. Its bass is on the lower side and it’s mostly because of its loose seal. The seal also affects its sound quality. Its mid and highs are average for the price. But, if you push the buds against your ear for a good seal, the mids and highs feel instantly better.I have no complaints regarding the volume though. It is pretty loud and you won’t need to listen at max volume.

High frequencies are not defined and lack clarity. So, it is a decent TWS for normal users but audiophiles will have some complaints regarding its sound quality.

Also, you will notice a slight lag between audio and video if you’re playing games like PUBG and COD Mobile. However, the lag is not noticeable while watching videos.

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Button Controls

Unlike most of the TWS, it comes with button controls on each bud. There’s the main button for on/off, play/pause, voice assistant, and answering calls. Then there’s a dedicated volume control button on each bud as well. You can use this to control the volume and track forward/back.

Skullcandy Push Ultra Price in Nepal
Skullcandy Push Ultra Buttons

You can also use the main button to switch between three EQ modes: movie, music, and podcast. The buttons are responsive and work really well.


The Push Ultra uses Bluetooth V5.0 so it boasts the standard range of 10m. And, I haven’t had any problems with its connectivity. Neither have I faced any connection drop or audio drop within its range.

It doesn’t support multipoint though. So, you won’t be able to switch between two devices instantaneously.

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Furthermore, it includes a built-in mic for phone calls. So, you can use the TWS for phone calls and the audio quality is average. The receiver was able to hear my voice but the background noise was also evident.


This bud has outstanding battery life. The buds are rated to provide more than 6 hours of battery life with a single charge and it can provide additional 34 hours with the case.

Skullcandy Push Ultra Price in Nepal
Skullcandy Push Ultra Battery

I got more than 6 hours of playback time from the buds during my usage. I was using it on 75% volume.

The battery life is outstanding and it’s the best fitness earbud if you want a TWS that won’t die on you.

Should You Buy It?

I’m impressed by the Skullcandy Push Ultra’s build quality. The case is absolutely premium and the ear hook design of the TWS keeps it firmly secured. However, the ineffective ear seal ruins its sound quality.

It is more than good enough for casual users but audiophiles will want better sound quality. Overall, it’s a good fitness TWS, but you can get a better seal and better audio quality for the price.

What do you think of Skullcandy Push Ultra? Let us know in the comments!

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