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SastoDeal’s Brings SD Book Mahotsav; Upto 80% OFF

Sastodeal, though not that famous, brings pretty good deals for its customers from time to time. They don’t have massive events like Brand days and all but still, they manage to bring in some offers that are truly meaningful to the users. Right now Sastodeal is offering massive discounts on some of the books in its inventory. We don’t know why but it’s awesome.

First off, this is the page for all the books available at Sastodeal. At the left-hand side of this page, you’ll find an option called reader’s pack. If you click on Reader’s pack, you will instantly be taken to a collection of pairs of books that are basically half the price of their total cost.

Suppose the two books in a pair are A and B. If buying A and B separatelyci would cost you Rs. 1000 in other stores, you are getting these two books for Rs. 500 in Sastodeal. So, if you were looking to read a novel, you will get another for free which you can read or gift someone.

The sad part is that you can’t make your own pair but you are getting free stuff, so don’t ask for much. The book pair thing isn’t the only form of discount available. 20% discount on Nepali books looks to be the norm but ‘Priya Sufi’ is 35% off and available at Rs. 243.

For English literature, I found ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ for Rs. 40 at 80% off. Books like The Prophet are available at 25% discount. Browse through different genres to find the book you like at the price you may like.

That’s all for the discounts on books from Sastodeal. These deals will be valid until 12 pm today 7th March; bookies dive in.

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