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Sarangkot Cable Car Line to be Built in Pokhara

Pokhara is scheduled to get a cable car system linking Sedibagar at the north of Phewa Lake with Sarangkot. The hilltop Sarangkot is already a major tourist area, with the construction of cable car the number of tourists in the area will surge higher.

The project is invested by Annapurna Cable Car Pvt. Ltd. with amount around Rs. 1.10 billion. The contract for the construction of the cable car is given to Chitwan Co-E Company.

Annapurna Cable Car had completed all the preparations to construct the cable car line, and the foundation stone of the project was laid last year. However, due to procedural delays, the construction did not go forward.

On the 23rd of November, a formal agreement between construction company and investors was made. The construction is believed to gain a better pace after this agreement.

According to Kalu Gurung, president of the Annapurna Cable Car company, the construction has resumed and the cable car will be being operated within the next one and a half years. Gurung believes that the construction of cable car will bring more tourists to Pokhara.

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