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Nepal Telecom Introduces Zero Balance Offer: Free Data, Calls and SMS For A Week

With COVID-19 on the prowl, it’s been more than a month since people have been contained in their houses. While there is a little leniency in the morning time, there still isn’t enough time for people to grab on to most essential items. So, whether it’s this or because of any other reasons, some people are even locked out of basic telecommunications services.

In order to shed light on the matter and help those that are truly in need of such services, Nepal Telecom (NT) has introduced the Zero Balance Package. In particular, this offer provides a limited supply of free data, calls, and SMS which is valid for a whole week.

Zero Balance Package Offer: What’s Inside?

The Zero Balance Package is a one-time valid offer that lasts for 7 days in total and within the package it encompasses the following services:

  • 100MB Data
  • 50- minute voice call (NT-NT network)
  • 25 SMS (NT-NT network)

What’s strange about this offer is that you can do nothing in particular to activate it. The only way to know about your eligibility is if you receive a specific SMS from NTC (i.e. 1444) itself.

Why’s that?

The thing to note about this offer is that this offer is not something that’ll be available for all users. First and foremost, this package is particularly limited to prepaid customers only. Aside from being a prepaid customer, there are two specific and rather strange criteria that have to be fulfilled to be fully eligible.

  • Firstly, the customer must have made at least one call within the first week of Lock-down i.e. (2076/12/11- 2076/12/18)
  • Secondly, the customer should have a balance less than 33 Paisa on 2077/01/08 midnight.

If you’re somehow eligible, you will then receive SMS from NTC and you need to respond accordingly within 2 days. The response in-turn will get you a notification indicating the activation of the package.

I know the offer sounds completely bizarre but it is a decent attempt from NTC. Maybe there are a handful of people who truly require such services. So, even if it’s not you who’s getting the services, do forward this message to those people who truly require it.

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