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NTB to Promote Nepal Tourism Online with BBC and Lonely Planet


Nepal Tourism Board(NTB) is looking forward to signing agreements with BBC and Lonely Planet, reports New Business Age. NTB hopes that this will aid in the promotion of Nepali tourism in the international arena.

NTB says that it will pay a total of Rs 30.5 million each to both BBC and Lonely Planet.

It has already allocated the budget required for this purpose and will soon formally sign deals coming in an agreement with both organizations.

In April of this year, NTB had signed agreements with BBC, Reuters, and TripAdvisor for the promotion of Nepal as a tourist destination through international media and popular travel website. It had signed a deal of $650,000 with BBC for six months, $250,000 with Trip Advisor for a year and $75,000 with Reuters for three months.

Deepak Raj Joshi, CEO of the NTB, said that this step will help Nepali tourism industry to grow, as the international media will advertise the possibilities of Nepali tourism.

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