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Nepal Airlines Second Wide Body A330-200 Arrives at TIA

The second wide-body carrier of Nepal Airlines Cooperation (NAC) arrived at 9 am on Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) on 26th July. The wide-body A330-200 series aircraft was tested in France, from where it flew straight to Kathmandu.


The Details:

  • The aircraft has a seating capacity of 274 which includes 18 Shangri-La business classes.
  • In order to obtain the aircraft, the NAC has acquired a loan of 24 billion; 12 billion each from Employment Provident Fund and Citizen Investment Board.

What they are saying:

  • From the two aircraft that were expected to arrive, the first one is set to begin its commercial flight from 9th August. According to Shrestha, NAC has already managed the crew members for the first aircraft and the destination of the first flight is Doha of Qatar.
  • NAC is currently in the process of hiring pilots for manning the second aircraft, and Shrestha added that they were giving priority to Nepali pilots. NAC still requires 28 pilots in order to run all of their 13 aircraft.

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