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‘My Second Teacher’ e-Learning Platform Launched in Nepal

Coronavirus has forced the students, teachers, and parents to adapt to remote learning. Consequently, with this transition, many edutech players are penetrating into Nepali market.

My Second Teacher
My Second Teacher

One of the recent players is My Second Teacher, a product of Innovate Nepal Group (ING) group. The Nepali version of My Second Teacher was recently launched on April 9.

The app was developed in 2019. The platform is already present in 18 countries including the USA, China, Malaysia, Japan, and Singapore. It is used by 100s of Cambridge schools in these countries.

My Second Teacher was listed as Top 10 e-Learning Technology Companies in Asia-Pacific Region (APAC) 2020 Award organized by Education Technology Insights magazine.

The platform features interactive video lessons based on modern pedagogy, artificial intelligence enabled diagnostic reports, custom test papers, and online and offline tutor support for students, teachers, parents, and school leaders.

“Students can also sit for a mock test and get the results instantly along with necessary feedback,” shared Aashish Sigdel, Head of Business at Innovate Tech.

According to Sigdel, teachers, school administration, and parents can log-in to connect with each other and also see the progress of students with just a click.

Currently, the app has interactive video-based content for subjects including Compulsory Mathematics, Science, English, and Optional Economics.

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“In the first phase, we have learning materials for Grade 10 (SEE) students. Within a year, we are planning to extend their learning materials to other levels,” says Sulav Budhathoki, founder and CEO at Innovate Tech.

“We aim to replace the unscientific teaching-learning approach long being practiced in the country with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which the newly-launched platform promises. I am confident that our technology will help the country transform into a technological powerhouse from a labor destination,” says Budhathoki.

According to the company, the payment is minimum and the customers can pay for the services digitally through Khalti.

The users can either download the app ‘My Second Teacher’ from PlayStore or log-in to https://mysecondteacher.com.np/ to use the platform.

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