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Khalti Users Can Now Get 100GB Free Wi-Fi on WorldLink’s Free Wi-Fi Hotspot

Khali, one of the most popular mobile wallets and online payment service providers in Nepal, has come up with a new campaign named “Khalti ma 100GB” where Khalti users can get 100GB of free Wi-Fi on Worldlink Wi-Fi hotspots located at more than 11,000 places across Nepal.

Khalti ma 100 GB FREE Wi-Fi
Khalti ma 100 GB FREE Wi-Fi

The offer is valid from January 11th, 2022 to February 9th, 2022. Within this period, the user can benefit from the service for the upcoming 30 days.

How to Activate “Khalti ma 100GB”?

To activate the “Khalti ma 100GB” offer, Khalti users must have already registered their mobile number to the Worldlink hotspot SSID “Free_WorldLink_Wi-Fi”.

Note that the registered mobile number to the hotspot and the Khalti’s account number should be the same.

If you’re not registered, follow the steps below to register for the Worldlink Wi-Fi hotspot. Make sure you are in a place where the hotspot is available, such as in restaurants, banks, malls, or other public places.

  • Using a phone or laptop, connect to the Wi-Fi with SSID “Free_WorldLink_Wi-Fi”
  • Click on “Get ONLINE”
  • Click on “New Registration for FREE Login code”
  • Enter your mobile number that was used to create Khalti account
  • Click on “Request Login Code”
  • Click on “OK” to confirm your phone number
  • Insert “Login Code” you received on your number
  • Click on the “Check Box” to accept the terms and conditions
  • Click on “Login”

If you’re already registered to “Free-WorldLink_Wi-Fi”, you can then follow the steps below to activate the offer and get 100GB free Wi-Fi.

  • Open Khalti App
  • Under “Popular Services”, tap on the “Khalti ma 100 GB” icon.
  • Select “WorldLink 100GB Free WiFi” offer
  • Tap on “GET 100 FREE WIFI”

Both POS (Khalti Pasal/Dealer) and consumers can benefit from this offer. Before, non-Worldlink users could only get 500MB of free Worldlink Wi-Fi.

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  • can’t find it on the khalti app. worldlink has a countdown timer on their website and everywhere else. did you guys post this earlier than you were supposed to??


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