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Karuwa apps, providing a platform for independent game developers in Nepal

The majority of game developers out there can’t seem to publish or market their games because of the lack of a good platform and sufficient resources. As a result, a minimum number of games are published in this region, which is obviously not a good sign.

A Nepali team of independent game developers had to go through a similar problem where they had some serious difficulties while marketing their first game “Color Ooze”. Thus, they thought of bringing a solution to this problem. So they started Karuwa Apps.

Karauwa apps, a team of an independent game developers, aims to provide a solid platform to help all the independent game developers, especially in Nepal and South Asia to publish and market their games.

While talking with the CEO, he shares, “Independent developers won’t have worry about marketing apps. We are yet to start an ad campaign, though, we have crossed 500+ download. Also, games in our part of the world are not seen more. Even if they are published there is a lack of marketing. Even good games don’t get good downloads and reviews from people. So, we want to help good games get reasonable downloads. Our target is going to be 5K user base for the first 4-5 game. We see this being achieved.

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Core Team Members

Karuwa Apps currently has 4 members in the team: Gopal Chitaure, Bhuwan Acharya, Amrit Sapkota and Manish Maharjan.

KaruwaApps Core Team Members
Core Team Members, KaruwaApps

Gopal Chitaure, the CEO of the company, has a background in game development for 2 years. He has developed games such as Color Ooze and Numerical Knights. Bhuwan Acharya, the CTO  and Amrit Sapkota, the managing head of the company  are currently studying in Softwarica College in Kathmandu.  Manish Maharjan, the graphics designer of the company, is currently pursuing his BSc CSIT at Patan Campus.

Now let’s talk about the first and the most popular game published by Karuwa Apps.

Crazy Circle Run


Crazy Circle Run is a free arcade android game. It was released in June 2016. In the game, the user will have to protect the white ball from a collision with other balls. You tap and hold the screen to increase the speed of circle and release to slow the speed of the circle. Each lap increases your score by 1. You can also add the difficulty level by surviving for a long interval after which you will see more balls appearing to increase the thrill. Furthermore, you can enjoy and get crazy with eight different curves which must be unlocked beforehand.

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According to the early testers, the game is addictive, difficult but simple. Also, the color combination of the background, which is minimalist in nature is also good. The developer of the game, Swastik Sahu (and his team Archer), claimed that the game will enhance the planning skills of the player. Also, the developer thinks smaller games are more popular in app stores, so he has managed to optimize the game and decrease its size to less than 6 MB.

For income, the team has added Admob ads. They said, “We ourselves hate annoying ads, but there is an option where players can opt to hide ads for $1.99.”

So, why wait? Play the game by downloading it from the link below.

Link to Crazy Circle Run: http://bit.ly/crazycirclerun

For any kind of information:

Official website: http://www.karuwaapps.com/
Inquiries: [email protected]
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/karuwaapps
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karuwaapps

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