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IMARS to Launch Phones in Nepal With 120 Day Replacement Guarantee

If you hadn’t heard the name IMARS before, don’t worry. You are not the only one. We were in a similar condition until a few days ago. IMARS, as it turns out, is a multinational company based in China. Its parent company is Heng Da Chuang Xin technology Limited, and it has a presence in Latin America, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Yemen, and Nepal among many other places. They make all kinds of devices like Phones, Laptops, TVs, and Power Banks. But, they will be bringing only some phones into Nepal for now.

Opal Multinational Pvt. Ltd. will be the authorized distributor of IMARS phones in Nepal. They also are the distributor of the phones named Opal. Currently, IMARS has a plan to launch 6 phones in Nepal, 2 feature phones, and 4 smartphones. They haven’t fixed the launch date yet. But they say it will be some time before Dashain.

So, what are the phones? The two feature phones are standard not-so-powerful phones that are good for calling and texting, and maybe listening to the radio. If you need a no-frills phone for just those two tasks, they are a good fit. One of the phones will feature a 2.4″ WVGA screen while the other will come with a 2.8″ inch screen. One cool feature that a phone with 2.8 inches in their international feature phone lineup has is a touchscreen. We will have to wait and see if that’s the model they will be introducing in Nepal. It would be cool if that phone will be available in Nepal.

4 of the 6 phones will be smartphones, focusing on budget and mid-range category. They are VSUN 6, Rose, VIVI 8, and Vega X7.

iMARS Smartphones in Nepal

iMars VSUN 6

The VSUN 6 is the most entry-level model of the lineup. It has 5″ display and is available in only one color which IMARS calls the honorable gold. It looks like a pretty standard budget phone from the outside. No elongated display or notch to make the phone stand out (or fit-in according to 2018 standards).

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It has 4G support if you need that. It has a 1.3GHz Spreadtrum CPU, so not the most powerful one for the budget category out there, 1GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage. There’s a 2200mAH battery inside. An 8MP camera graces the rear side while the front gets 5MP camera only. The VSUN 6 is a typical budget phone.

iMars ROSE

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Next up is the ROSE. The rose looks like a curvier VSUN 6. This phone is available in a similar color to the VSUN 6, but it’s called golden. The differentiating features are the screen which is now larger at 5.5″. There is also a fingerprint sensor on the back now. The camera sensors on the front and back are the same one found on the VSUN 6. The battery size and the processor are the same too. The RAM has been beefed up to 2GB. So, this might be a better choice than the VSUN 6 for many.

iMars VIVI 8

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The third is the VIVI 8. This phone is slightly more powerful than the rose. The design language is a bit different too. The phone has an elongated display that makes it look much more modern. It also has an octa-core 1.8GHz processor which is quite a step up from the ROSE and the VSUN6. The RAM capacity is now 3GB and the internal storage has been bumped up to 32GB. The battery gets a boost up to 3200 mAh. Sadly, the camera modules look the same, at least on paper, to the ones found on the ROSE.

iMars Vega X7

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Lastly, we have the Vega X7. This is definitely the best looking and the most powerful phone of the bunch. It is available in 4 different colors, blue, black, golden, and light purple (not the real names). The phone has a 5.9 inches Full HD 18:9 IPS LCD display. The front and the back both look exquisite in pictures. All 3 camera sensors on this phone are 13MP ones which are a clear step up from the other smartphones. The battery is now gargantuan – 4500mAh. Combined with the Helios P25 processor inside, you might be able to spend a day and a half on moderate use without having to plug this phone into the wall. The RAM and storage are now 4GB and 64GB respectively. Overall, this is a pretty enticing phone if available at the right price.

Talking about the price, it hasn’t been revealed yet for any of the phones. That would probably happen at the launch event.

What IMARS have revealed is that “Regarding warranty, we offer 120 days replacement Guarantee in the handsets and 2 years service warranty in smartphones and 18 months in a Feature phone. We even offer a screen breakage replacement in our flagship model for 180 days.”

That is a sweet deal right there.

The phone lineup from IMARS is pretty decent. They are not just targeting one set of audience. They are giving choices to people looking for phones at different budget segments. That is a good strategy to find the customers to target when first entering the market. Also, it is always a good thing for more manufacturers to enter the market. They create more choice for customers.

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