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Everest Climbers To Be Equipped with GPS Tracking Devices To Crackdown on Fake Summits

Mount Everest made big news worldwide last year after people making false claims of climbing it surfaced to our attention. And in response to this, the Nepali government plans to issue GPS tracking devices to climbers.

How will it work?

Climbers with successful summits reports will be required to show documents and photographs to authorities at the base camp. They will then need to turn in their GPS tracking units to officials in Kathmandu. The officials will review the GPS “breadcrumb” trail, a record of progress with times and locations as a way to certify the climb.



Nepal is known for its mountains and tourism destination. It is also known for many other things, none of which involves technology. Nepal is developing country and its knowledge and experience in all things involving technology is at a developing state as well. Most of it’s citizen’s don’t expect a breakthrough in technology mostly because they do not know of it. So, it came as pleasant news to know that Nepal is using GPS for Everest climbers. It was even pleasanter to know that the fake claims to Everest had an incredibly simple solution.

People aren’t going to stop climbing Mount Everest. They climb it for achievement, adventure, experience and some people like George Mallory climb it “because it’s there.” Climbing it has been a close call to many and many have lost their lives. When stakes are this high, people are bound to get smart and sly to take the easy way out.

Having a GPS is a good initiative to ensure that the integrity of the climbers and of the mighty Everest remains intact.

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