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DJI Osmo Pocket, Camcorder of the Future, Officially Launched in Nepal

“DJI Osmo Pocket: A game changer for on-the-go creatives”, “The DJI Osmo Pocket feels like the camcorder of the future.” These are not my words. They are what tech-journalists at Forbes and Gizmodo had to say. So, when such a product comes to Nepal, we thought you would want to know.

IMS is the authorized distributor of DJI Products in Nepal. They officially released the DJI OSMO pocket in CAN INFOTECH 2019 for the price of Rs. 49,900.

For those of you who don’t know, DJI is the world’s leader in commercial and civilian drone industry, accounting for over 70% of the drone market. Many drone enthusiasts believe that DJI makes some of the best drones in the world. Their Mavic line impresses amateurs and professionals alike. They are the ones that started this whole drone craze in the tech space.

DJI OSMO Pocket Interesting Features

But they also make impressive handheld gimbals and they have used their experience in that field to create the ‘magical’ Osmo Pocket. Osmo pocket, in a nutshell, is a five-inch stick with a camera head mounted on a tiny gimbal. I don’t know if the render images do its size justice. It’s unbelievably tiny. This is one of the best features of the Osmo pocket – it fits in your pocket and gives you near-pro grade images and video to use for your vlogs or YouTube channel.

The next good thing about the Osmo Pocket is its stabilization. The tiny camera sits on top of a 3 axis gimbal. This gives you super smooth and buttery shots that you can’t get even with an iPhone mounted on a separate gimbal.

Another thing that might attract buyers towards the Osmo Pocket is the simplicity of the device. The touchscreen on the Osmo pocket is the size of a postage stamp and the entire device has just two buttons: one for record and one for power and switching between camera modes. There’s also a port for attaching accessories or a smartphone. This means all you need to do to shoot a good-looking video with Osmo Pocket is turn it on and start recording.

There are tons of other features baked into the device like active tracking. Active track lets you choose a subject, like a dog or a person, and keep them in the center of the frame. When you are in the selfie mode, the Osmo pocket has a feature similar to Active track called facetrack that keeps you in the frame while vlogging.

However, not everything is the best about the pocket. Because it is so small, it only lasts about 2hrs on continuous 4K 30 fps video shooting. Also, the camera is good in daylight but not that amazing in low light, that is understandable with a small sensor. But these small cons are outweighed by the ton of pros of this tiny device.

DJI OSMO Pocket Price in Nepal and Availability

If you are someone who wants to get serious with videography and vlogging but don’t want to break a bank to buy a dedicated camera, the Osmo Pocket is well worth the shot. Though it costs Rs. 49900 when you buy it from IMS themselves, it is available in Oliz Store for Rs. 48000. I can’t believe I am saying this but buying from Olizstore will save you some money.

If you don’t live inside the valley, don’t worry, as Oliz Store will ship the product for free all over Nepal. You can find the product here. You can also check Oliz’s Facebook post.

DJI Osmo Pocket @ Oliz Store

If you are not sure about the Osmo Pocket, read online reviews and YouTube videos on the device from the people who have actually used it. If you are tired of typing on the search bar, watch Casey Neistat’s Video comparing the Hero 7 and the Osmo pocket.

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