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Daraz Appy Campaign Goes Live: Here’s a Summary the Deals and Discounts Available

With the end of Daraz’s 12.12 campaign, the market has been kind of dull for the past month or so. There’re hardly 2 or 3 decent offers available to pounce on. So, to rid the market of this sales draught, daraz has arrived with its new “Appy” campaign. Apparently, it’s a campaign centered around the Daraz App from where you can avail tons of discounts and decent offers.

The Campaign went live on the 25th of February and it’s a week long festival that’ll stay until the 2nd of March. So, what are the things that you should keep an eye out for in this festival? Let me give you a short tour of all the rides present in this carnival.

Daraz Voucher Mania

Daraz campaigns are sure to feel incomplete with the absence of vouchers. So, yes there are a couple of vouchers that you can use to lighten your purchases. You can gain access to these vouchers by spending a minimum amount of Rs 3,000. There are a couple of selections to choose from which can be accessed using their specific codes.

Discount Minimum Purchase Codes
Rs 400 Rs 3,000 APPONLY400
Rs 500 Rs 5,000 APPONLY500
Rs 1000 Rs 10,000 APPONLY1000
Rs 1500 Rs 15,000 APPONLY1500
Rs 2000 Rs 20,000 APPONLY2000
Rs 3000 Rs 30,000 APPONLY3000
Rs 4000 Rs 40,000 APPONLY4000
Rs 5000 Rs 50,000 APPONLY5000

Discounts aren’t rare in Daraz. Card Payments are secondary methods to obtain discounts. Currently, Daraz is offering an additional 10% off or discounts up to Rs 500 when you pay through cards of NIC Asia.

Hidden Offers on Smartphones

A couple of phones have received discounts in this campaign as well. Realme 5 Pro, Realme X2, and Redmi K20 Pro are particularly the ones where these offers linger. As usual, there are some hidden discounts within that you can combine to get a little more discount than the one displayed on the screen.

The voucher sections listed above, is a great way to stack discounts!

For instance, the Redmi K20 Pro is marked at Rs 46,999 on Daraz. There’s an extra Rs 1000 voucher that you can access using APPY1000MI code. Now, there’s the APPONLY4000 voucher too. Combine that, and voila you have a considerable discount on the device.

You get the idea, right? So, use this hidden trick and get some extra discounts on the device. Oh! And just there’s a free shipping option available on the Redmi 8 as well.

Mega Deals on Televisions and Home Appliances

There’s a wide variation of TV and home appliances available on a discounted price. Hitachi, Sony, Colors, Samsung are some of the brands that have offered discounts on televisions. There are potential goldmines that you can benefit a lot from. Just going through it, I found a 50% discount on one of the televisions! There’s a lot more from where that came so keep browsing.

In a similar fashion, there are tons of home appliances that have notable discounts attached to them. Find the proper appliance for you and use the vouchers to add more discounts on your desired product!

Check out these deals on televisions from here.

Additional Offers

Well, I could go on and on about the offers. There’s even an offer on motorbikes—Daraz is offering TVS and Motorhead bikes! If you’re looking for a laptop, Acer Nitro alongside Lenovo and Dell brands are available are attractive prices too.

Now, the usual bundle offers, free gifts, creative games, free shipping are the kind of gems that you can embrace from this shopping extravaganza. And oh, do you remember the crazy flash sales that popped up from time to time? They’re here too and as the name suggests, you do get unbelievable crazy deals on this sale too.

Alright that pretty much sums up the Appy campaign. There are certain Easter eggs that can be found within this carnival. I showed you one within this article that’s going to bring you a lot of discounts. The others are up to you to find out. So, go on and explore and if you do manage to find another one, do let us know in the comments down below.

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