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To Solve the Online Payment Problem of Nepali Freelancers, Mohammad Tajim Comes up with Zokimo.com

Being a Nepalese citizen, we may have most likely caught wind of the trouble of online selling and payment system in Nepal. Though it is not the technology not entering into Nepal but with the development towards technological world, the online selling and payment has become one of the hurdles in the field of development of technology in Nepal. Not just that, Nepalese freelancers had not been able to locate a superior approach to showcase their products to a global audience and even earn as well.

This problem was taken a note by most of us, but there was someone who did not just show up with his idea in Word Camp Nepal, 2013 but now after his toil throughout 3 years is finally into the business. Mr. Mohammad Tajim, the founder of Zokimo.com, is now with the implementation of his idea bringing the solution. He is also the CEO and Founder at Single Range Technology Pvt. Ltd. Zokimo.com is probably going to be a change in Online Payment and Freelancing landscape of Nepal.

Zokimo.com is here with a tag “Easiest Way to sell your Digital Creations Online”. It helps to sell all your digital products online like themes, plugins, website templates, eBook, software, music, podcast, etc. all over the world. Zokimo.com is not a typical e-commerce website, a marketplace or a payment process. Its main goal is to give a stage where one can just upload their items, elevates it to the costumers and get paid when they buy it.


Now, here comes the inquiry, is zokimo.com a good fit for you? Better believe it!

If you have made something that can be sold on the web then it is the best option. The producers, designers, developers, artists and many more individuals who live in Nepal and are willing to sell their diligent work, then it is the way out for them to get paid for their hard word. But for that, one need to have a Bank Account in any of the Nepali banks in which he/she wants to receive the payout. Sellers receive their payout in NPR to their Nepali Bank Account. Likewise, the product will be displayed in USD to the buyers. Furthermore, the seller will be charged 6.5% of every sale. The most advantageous feature that one can enjoy throughout is that zokimo.com hosts all your products on their secure server free of charge and take care of all the bandwidth and delivery to your customers. A minimum threshold to get paid is NPR 1,000. Payout happens every week in your bank account, but if one is selling products for the first time, then it is kept on hold for NET 30 days.

Mohammad Tajim
Mr. Mohammad Tajim, Founder of Zokimo.com

To have closer view regarding zokimo.com, we had an interview session with the founder of zokimo.com, Mr. Mohammad Tajim. Here is what he shares with us!

Q: Any significance behind the name zokimo?

A: As per name Zokimo, I had this domain with me for few years and wanted to build something exciting on it. And when I got ideas of an online platform for the freelancers, then I used Zokimo for that.

Q: How you came up with the idea?

A: Idea for a Payment platform for Nepal was discussed in a panel discussion in Word Camp Nepal 2013. We had a discussion on the problems for payment for Nepali freelancers. And it is where I had this idea to create something to allow Nepali freelancers to sell on the Internet.

Q: Details of the team members.

A: I built the whole platform for Zokimo.com in about a years’ time, but moving forward I am looking to hire people to help me with marketing and other administrative tasks. There was also a major help from MachPay’s team in designing the whole platform. They helped me with, what should be added or not, into the platform and how to go about launching the entire platform.

Q: What were the obstacles that you faced in the course of building it?

A: My full time work is building websites for clients. So, major obstacles I faced was coming up with free time to work on Zokimo. It was hard since I did not have a team to offload work nor anyone to bounce ideas with. I did talk to various friends and acquaintances. Finally, with their help and guidance, I built the whole platform.

Q: What was the motivation that did not take off your enthusiasm for 3 years?

A: I have built websites since 2006. Since the day, I started working online and till today, I have not seen any solution to the payment problem for freelancers in Nepal. Everyone knows there is a problem, but no one has the solution. So, when MachPay came with their own Payment Processor, I got the idea that I have to use it to solve the payment problem of Nepali freelancers.

I did not worry about time since I had no one to compete with. I just wanted to solve the payment problem and even if someone else had solved it ahead of me, I would have been happier and used their platform.

Q: How are people responding to zokimo.com?

A: Response has been good. People are interested in the product. They have asked questions about how it can help them. In addition to it, most of them are even sending suggestions on improving the product and more features to add into Zokimo.

Q: Some details, how you made payment to banks so easily?

A: Sellers have to get verified first on Zokimo. Once they login into their dashboard, they are first asked to complete their profile and also they have to send in their Identification Document as well as their PAN Card details. Once verified, they can add their Bank account details from their Dashboard.

Payments are handled by MachPay. And once a seller makes a sale on Zokimo, they can see their accumulated income on Zokimo’s Dashboard. And 30 days, since the sale, the income is automatically transferred into his/her local Nepali Bank Account.

Q: Do you have any further plans for zokimo.com?

A: We are listening to users and seeing what they require. So, will be adding those features. Besides that, we are also working on to release API for Zokimo so that third party developers can build Add-ons for Zokimo.

Q: Finally, your words to the readers and users.

A: If you are selling any product or service from Nepal to your global customers, then please try Zokimo and see if we can help you or not. If you think we should add any other feature that you require then let us know by emailing to support@zokimo and we will add that feature for you.

Thus, if you are willing to gain from your innovative ability, then every single manifestation of yours is not going to be a waste. In addition, you can showcase your items to the world and nobody knows if your manifestations turn into the masterpiece to individuals around the globe. Finally, don’t give your works a chance to let go to waste. Simply sign up, upload the item and sell it through zokimo.com.

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    Wow. He got the Idea 3years back. And finally it is taking pace after 3years.
    Reading this, I am inspired to believe it’s never too late to do anything. I am also a freelancer and an aspiring entrepreneur. I strongly believe that “Zokimo” will help thousands of freelancers like me.


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