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Web Weekend Kathmandu (WWKTM) 2019 Successfully Conducted: 220 Attendees, 11 Speakers from 8 Countries!

Web Weekend Kathmandu (WWKTM) successfully wrapped up the second iteration (Sep 21-22) of its annual event. The entire event was highlighted by a diverse group of speakers, multilingual audience, networking, and a ton of knowledge on web technologies.

There were 11 speakers from 8 countries, different tech company representatives, hundreds in attendance, and so much more. Among the 11 speakers, 5 speakers are national speakers, whereas, 6 speakers are international speakers from different tech fields.

WWKTM saw a total of approximately 220 attendees, with an incredible 26% female attendance. Moreover, the event delivered on what it promises, an uncompromised look on everything web. Furthermore, the event was followed by Hike on the next day!

If you missed the event, here’s the complete list of speakers along with the topics they talked about.

WWKTM 2019 Speakers
Speaker Topic
Artur Neumann How to Change Your Manual Testing Time into Chiya Drinking Time
Dev Raj Gautam RGB of Product / Product Management
Gaurav Sen Making Decisions among Tradeoffs in System Design
George Mandis More Than Music with WebMIDI & JavaScript
Hui Jing Chen Using DevTools to Understand Modern CSS Layouts
Karen Lowry Gender Gap between Frontend and Backend Developers
Korotaev Alexander WebGL and 2D: Simple as Web
Mathieu Henry End to End Testing a World of Web
Raju Dawadi DevOps from Myth to Transformation
Pratik Karki Git can do That
Milap Neupane Working Optimally with Relational Databases

Event Highlights

Since we were in attendance, every instance was a moment of bliss. Personally, I enjoyed every moment. But if I had to pick one, it would surely be Dr. Karen Lowry’s presentation on “The Gender Gap Between Frontend & Backend Developers”.

Dr. Karen Lowry @ WWKTM

Surely, the crowd around me also agrees. After her presentation, Dr. Karen Lowry became somewhat of a celebrity. More so, there were many women from the audience approaching her for selfies. That was definitely exceptional!

It wouldn’t be far fetched to say that the entire event was an eye-opener.

As much as I love WWKTM, there were few downsides.

First, it feels like more of a technical presentation than a normal presentation. I, a writer with CS, background, felt lost in all the technical mumbo-jumbo. I can’t imagine how a normal person felt.

Perhaps, that’s why I loved Dr. Lowry’s presentation above everything else. Honestly, it felt like a presentation for me as well as a person sitting next to me. More of that, please!

Finally, the ticket pricing! It’s kind of a gray area.

WWKTM justifies the pricing with all the international speakers. Plus, the exclusivity of the event justifies itself. Furthermore, the event did have diversity and even provided free tickets to 15 women. Moreover, they have promised to increase the free tickets by 20 for the next WWKTM.

I just want a price to be a little more affordable. It will allow for a more interested individual to take advantage of such the event.

Plus, if you didn’t know, we were the official Media Partner for this event. On a side-note, if you did miss out on this year’s WWKTM, don’t worry. Let’s go together, next year!


Here are some testimonials from the people who were at the event!


“I tried to describe this strong technology with a complicated background into more simpler approaches. Despite being such a complex technology, many developers approached me to know more about it. Honestly, the overall conference was very interesting. “

– Korotaev Alexander on WebGL


“I’m really enjoying the WWKTM. I’m really happy when I found out that the Nepali tech community is so inclusive, probably more so than back at my home. And, I want people to think about the role of women in the tech world. Moreover, I want the Nepali tech industry to build on what we’ve already done, and to make women feel more comfortable.”

– Dr. Karen Lowry on Gender Gap Between Front-end and Back-end Developers


“The turnout for the event has been really good! I’m really happy with all the speakers, each brought something different to the table. Furthermore, we had more than 26% of women in attendance, which is our most proud achievement. And, I think we’ve at least made a small impact.”

– Avinash Kundaliya (Organizer) on WWKTM’s Success

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