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The Most Useful Vehicle Tools That Every Driver Should Own 

If you are like most drivers, then you probably don’t want to mess around with your car too much. After all, newer models are incredibly advanced. So, it is often safer to take your vehicle to the mechanics rather than try and repair it yourself.

Nevertheless, as a conscientious car owner, there are still some tools you need to stock up on. These implements are of the utmost importance as they can help you get out of tricky situations, especially when you don’t have any help on hand. So, on this note, here is a list of all the tools you should own:

Socket and Screwdriver Set 

Do you know a thing or two about fixing your car? If so, then you simply can’t do without a socket and screwdriver set. As you can imagine, having a couple of screwdrivers and sockets in your car isn’t going to help as you can’t predict what the issue is going to be.

However, if you have an entire set handy, you will always have exactly what you need on hand. The good news is that there are numerous sets meant specifically for vehicles. As such, it shouldn’t be an issue to find one that is compact enough to carry in your vehicle.

Car Jack and Jack Stand 

Flat tires are hardly surprising – they are something every driver has had to contend with at one time or another. So, when an issue like this arises, you have two choices. You can either be stranded by the side of the road or change the tire by yourself.

Of course, lifting a thousand kilos of steel isn’t any joke. This is why you need a professional or semi-professional car jack to get the job done. Always pick the one that offers the greatest amount of stability, even if you have to pay more for the privilege. It is also a good idea to pick a model that you find easy to use.

Wheel Chocks

Speaking of changing a tire, you should consider throwing in wheel chocks into the back of your vehicle. After all, you need to take care of the problem in the safest possible conditions. Wheel chocks help you to do just this.

By placing chocks behind your front or back wheels, you reduce the risk of the vehicle rolling onto or falling onto your body. When you are tasked with changing a tire by yourself, this is certainly an important part of the process.

Battery Charger

Another issue you can virtually guarantee to crop up with your vehicle is the battery running out. Now, in most cases, you are often left waiting for someone to come along so that they can give you a jumpstart. However, what if you could just get your battery powered up by yourself?

Well, this isn’t a pipe dream any longer, thanks to battery chargers. Simply pull this out when needed and you will be on your merry way in no time at all. As you can imagine, not all models work equally well. Thus, you will have to do your research before making the right choice for your vehicle.

Duct or Electrical Tape

You normally wouldn’t consider duct tape or electrical tape to be a tool. Nevertheless, this is exactly what it is. Keep in mind, in some instances you can’t fix up your car then and there. Rather, you need a temporary solution until you can have the vehicle serviced properly.

This is where duct tape or electrical tape comes in. You can hold together pipes or hoses or even piece together structural damage for short periods. As such, you should make it a point to keep at least a couple of good quality rolls in your vehicles.

Tire Pressure Gauge

You may have been lectured on the importance of checking your tire pressure more than once. Despite this, most people tend to only do this if they notice a change in their tires. In fact, you should be checking the pressure at least once a month.

The reason that most people don’t check the pressure as often as they should is that they have to go to a gas station first. Well, you can take this tedious task off your to-do list by investing in a tire pressure gauge. This gadget is small and simple to use. Thus, you simply must have this tool in your car.

Flood Light

It is Murphy’s Law that you ended up stranded or with a flat at night time. As you can probably attest, it is near impossible to fix anything simply using the flashlight on your phone. No, if you have to change a tire or take care of the radiator, you are going to need something a whole lot brighter.

This is why you should keep a floodlight in your vehicle at all times. It is bright enough to light up as much of your vehicle as you need to. In turn, you will find it far easier to fix whatever needs to be worked on.


You are inevitably going to have to drive through the rain at some point or another. Therefore, you will automatically be driving through some rather muddy spots as well. So, what will you do if your car gets stuck in the dirt or mud?

The best thing to do in such circumstances is to clear the mud away and give your vehicle a path to drive through, at least for a short stretch. Well, this is precisely what a shovel will do. There are plenty of portable and folding options that can be stored in your car. Just make sure to get one that is good quality and heavy-duty.

These are the tools that every driver should own. Although it may seem like a lot, having these tools can give you peace of mind. This is especially true if you are someone who drives quite a bit or has to head through remote areas regularly.

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