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Tihar Dhamaka 2073 – An Initiative by Girls in Technology to Promote Women Entrepreneurs

(This is a guest post by Dikshya Adhikari, Communication Manager, Girls In Technology)

Girls in Technology, an international volunteer IT organization, brings together all the enthusiastic and innovative girls involved in technology to work together and inspire more girls to opt for careers in technology. We believe that technology is not gender-biased. We do not agree with the stereotypical thoughts that girls cannot discover their true potential in the tech world. In fact, technology broadens the horizons to discover more. It is leading a new revolution in the world creating new endeavors for mankind. And this revolution would be incomplete without bringing together half the population of the world, The Females.

Image Credit – Girls in Technology

Technology is not only about coding or repairing electronic devices. The definition of technology is broader than that. But when we look at the present scenario of our country, we have not embraced technology to the fullest. Technology has globalized the whole world. But how many local products do we know and purchase online? A handful? Girls in Technology, addressing this problem, took an initiative to link technology with business. We believe technology is fun and we want others to share the same feeling. So we started “Tihar Dhamaka 2073” to reach out to people and celebrate technology.

“Tihar Dhamaka 2073” is our initiative to promote women entrepreneurs and local goods with the help of technology. Using technology, we can help in the promotion of local goods and skilled-based income generating activities. The event is happening on 28th October at  Moksh, Jhamsikhel, 11:00am to 6:00pm.

We will be having stalls run by women and young entrepreneurs showcasing their products, and other goods related to our upcoming festivals Tihar and New Year 1137 Nepal Sambat. We will also have musical performances by our wonderful in-house artists. The event also has innovative, tech and non-tech games with amazing gift hampers. The event is free of cost, and we welcome everyone to join it. This is our initiative to bring technology and festival together, and promote lots of exciting products.

Check this link for more updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/1194042907322641/

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