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T-series Surpasses 100 Million Subscriber, beating PewDiePie to the Race

Just two months ago, we were arguing who will come out on top of YouTube’s Subscription list: T-series or PewDiePie. It was the first time that T-series had taken a significant lead in the subscriber count and kept it. But now, that spat seems like a relic of the past. Because T-series has officially surpassed the 100 million subscriber mark on YouTube.

Where’s PewDiePie? He is still going strong at 96 million followers but now I don’t think he can grow his subscribers count to close the massive gap with T-series anymore. He did admit his defeat by making a music video back in April. So, I guess he won’t try to either.

The battle

The battle between these two channels heated up in the fourth quarter of 2018 after T-series started closing in on Pewdiepie’s once-unchallenged supremacy. The competition for the first place between T-Series and Pewdiepie was viewed by the YouTube community as a culture war – PewDiePie is the native creator of YouTube while T-series is a corporate giant with all the resources to market itself.

YouTubers such as MrBeast, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Logan Paul voiced their support for PewDiePie, and many of PewDiePie’s fans made great efforts to gain subscribers for his channel. YouTuber Justin Roberts said he bought a $1 million Times Square billboard promoting PewDiePie, and creator Jimmy Donaldson (better known online as “MrBeast”) created a nearly 12-hour video in which he said “PewDiePie” 100,000 times.

Other YouTubers such as CarryMinati and Jus Reign voiced their support for T-Series. The competition became so intense and real that thousands of vulnerable printers, cameras, streaming dongles, and smart TVs were hacked to promote PewDiePie in late 2018 and early 2019.

PewDiePie himself made videos on this battle and prompting his fans to not let T-series win. The CEO of T-series, Bushan Kumar, even posted a video on Twitter urging all the Indians to help T-series be the most subscribed YouTube Channel in the planet and make their nation proud.

T-series has been leading the subscriber’s chart since March and its subscriber count has been increasing ever since. Now, it has become the first channel to cross the 100million mark. It will be interesting to see if it will be the first to reach the next milestone – the 150 million mark. Or will some other channel come from behind and swoop the crown? We will have to wait and see.

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