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Super Soco CUx First Ride: Judging a Book by Its Cover

After its first unveiling at NADA Auto Show, Super Soco has finally entered the Nepali market.

Super Soco CUx price in nepal
Super Soco CUx

D-Lifestyle, the authorized distributor of Super Soco scooters in Nepal, is currently offering two e-scooters, CPx and CUx, in Nepal.

Both scooters are different from stereotypical e-Scooters. They have an eye-catching styling, punchy motor, and cost-effective battery. So far, the first hour of riding has been a… different experience.

I think ‘different’ is a massive understatement, especially for this kind of premium e-mobility offering.

We are currently testing both scooters for our full review video. In the meantime, we have gathered enough experience to write up our impression.

This is our first ride impression of the Super Soco CUx in Nepal. CUx is the entry-level Super Soco scooter, packing in stylish looks without losing its minimal characteristics.

Before we begin, Super Soco CUx price in Nepal starts at Rs. 2,39,000 to Rs. 2,49,000.

Super Soco CUx Specifications

  • Motor: 2788W
  • Battery: 60V30AH
  • Peak Torque: 115Nm
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Range: 85Km
  • Top Speed: 75Kmph
  • Charging Time: 3.5hours (Fast Charging)
  • Tyres: 90/90-12 – Disc
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Braking Type: Combi Braking System
  • Weight: 65Kg
  • Colors: Grey, White, Silver, Red, Gold, Matt Black, and Blue

Super Soco CUx Price in Nepal: Rs. 2,39,900 / Rs. 2,49,900 (Luxury Colors)

Super Soco CUx First Ride

Minimalistic Design

While the stereotypical electric scooter tries to replicate the design of its petrol counterpart, Super Soco CUx goes the other way.

Rather than introducing something we have already seen, CUx comes with a completely new design.

Super Soco CUx Front View
Super Soco CUx Front View

It is fresh, minimalistic, and modern!

Super Soco CUx has been designed to offer both style and independence. It does so with grace in its sleek and agile body.

The entire body is made up of high-quality plastic, bringing the entire weight down to just 65kg!

On the front, it demands attention with its “eye of wisdom” headlight. Moreover, the side indicators are also neatly integrated within the headlamp.

Super Soco CUx Headlight
Super Soco CUx Headlight

From the side, the unique style is further enhanced with its sleek design.

The footboard is simple but narrower. Moreover, there is a simple storage cubby and USB charging port conveniently provided.

Talking about narrower stuff, the seat is pretty small.

Super Soco CUx Tail Light
Super Soco CUx Tail Light

Moving on to the rear section, it gets another unique taillamp, also called the “wings of flying” where the side indicator is neatly integrated within the taillamp housing.

It comes with a dual-tone finish, typically expected from premium two-wheelers. The combination of red-black is nicely done.

If that isn’t your style, you can easily choose from other colors like Grey, White, Silver, Gold, Matt Black, and Blue.

With a bunch of attractive colors, it is a sight to behold!

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Punchy Motor

Super Soco CUX is powered by a 2788W motor that can generate a max torque of 115Nm. It comes with a 60V30AH battery with an expected range of 85Km. Furthermore, it is capable of a claimed top speed of 75Km/h.

Super Soco CUx Side View
Super Soco CUx Side View

Super Soco CUx claims an average charging time of 3.5 hours, with an average of 2000 life cycles.

We will be sure to put this claim to the test!

Super Soco also provides a charging cable, which is easily pluggable at a normal home socket. Moreover, there is a neat space under the seat for the charger.

Unfortunately, this limits any kind of storage space under the seat.

Interesting Features

Super Soco CUx is an entry-level electric scooter. Despite the low price point, it packs in enough features to make it a viable daily commuter.

Right now, we will simply list out the features. But we will go in-depth for our Full Review article.

Super Soco CUx Feature Highlights

  • Minimalistic Design
  • 2788W Motor with 60V30Ah Battery
  • 3-Level Riding Modes
  • Eye of Wisdom Dynamic LED Headlights
  • Wings of Flying Inline LED Taillamps
  • LCD Display
  • Comfortable Riding Posture
  • Digital Contact Switch with Multifunctional Button
  • USB Charging Port and Storage Space
  • Remote Key
  • Keyless GO with App Integration
  • Advanced Anti-Theft Safety Feature
  • Dual Disc Braking
  • Combi-Braking System

First Ride Experience

So, I have been riding the new Super Soco CUx for the past hour or two. During my time with the e-Scooter, there was a fair bit of surprise in-stored for me.

When you consider the price, you don’t expect much.

There were two things that really took me by surprise about CUx: agility and torque-feel.

Starting off with agility, the boasts a width of 727mm making it one of the narrower of the bunch.

While this does decrease the practicality of the scooter, the cornering and manuvering are taken to a whole new level.

You feel in control!

It will be interesting to see how it will perform in real-world scenarios.

Aside from superior road control, the practicality is yet again hindered with the small seat. It is barely enough to fit a large individual, trying to ride it with two large individuals is pushing it.

Super Soco CUx Seat and Rear Tyre
Super Soco CUx Seat and Rear Tyre

For a single rider, it is comfortable with its bump-absorbing suspension. However, if there are two riders, one has to compromise on comfort.

Talking about the performance, we will try to test it further by switching between three modes.

According to the Super Soco representative, the torque is heavier on Mode 3.

Furthermore, the testing on a steep hill is yet to be done.

All in all, it will be interesting to see just how far we can push this budget-focused Super Soco offering.

Guess, we’ll find out soon enough.

Until then, this has been the first ride experience of the all-new Super Soco CUx.

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