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Super Soco CPx Review: Performance Powerhouse for a Price!


  • Performance Powerhouse
  • Fast Charger Comes as Standard
  • Aggressive Styling with Sporty Decals
  • Most Comfortable Seat
  • Excellent Range and Performance


  • Expensive Pricing
  • No ABS for the Price
  • Difficult to Ride for Novice or Short Riders
  • Static SIde Indicator Switch
  • Controls for LCD Dashboard Not User Friendly

Super Soco CPx maxes out in almost all aspects.

D-Lifestyle, the authorized distributor of Super Soco in Nepal, launched its flagship product a few months ago.

It is loaded in style, features, and performance.

However, it comes with a price equivalent to premium two-wheelers, Rs. 4.59 Lakhs (Single-Battery) to Rs. 5.89 Lakhs (Double-Battery) to be exact.

Why is it so expensive? More importantly, is it worth it?

After using the Super Soco CPx as my daily driver for over a week, this is what I found.

Super SOCO CPx Specifications

  • Motor: 4000W
  • Battery: 60V45AH
  • Peak Torque: 171Nm
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Range: 100Km (200Km in Double)
  • Top Speed: 95Kmph
  • Charging Time: 3.5hours (Fast Charging)
  • Tyres: 100/80-16 – Disc
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Braking Type: Combi Braking System
  • Weight: 115Kg (135Kg in Double)
  • Colors: Silver, Black, Grey

Super Soco CPx Price in Nepal: Rs. 4,59,900 (Single Battery) / Rs. 5,89,900 (Double Battery)

Super Soco CPx Review

Eye-Catching Design

Super Soco CPx has been designed from the ground up, implementing multiple characteristics into its design.

CPx aims to be sporty, aggressive, modern, and futuristic. It combines those multiple elements into its style.

Super Soco CPx
Super Soco CPx

As a result, considering performance, you end up with an electric scooter that is both practical and eye-catching.

It is further magnified into a larger life character, especially due to its enormous size.

Maxi-Scooter Feel

So far, we have reviewed two maxi-scooters: Yamaha NMax 155 and Suzuki Burgman 125. Both share a common theme for being a larger frame and muscular character.

Similar to that, Super Soco CPx follows on that footstep. Even though this is not technically a maxi-scooter, it feels like one.

The front section is bulkier with textured panels, further enhanced with sporty decals.

Super Soco CPx Front Angle
Super Soco CPx Front Angle

It gets an independent handlebar, complete with menacing dual LED headlamps and a large windshield.

Compared to the front section, the side styling is even more aggressive.

Super Soco CPx Headlight
Super Soco CPx Headlight

It gets a large road presence with its exposed carbon steel frame, 3D CPx emblem, metal footpegs, and comfortable seats.

CPx also comes with larger and thicker tubeless tyres that are aggressively styled on their own. These elements proudly showcase its sporty character.

The length is longer than one might expect from an electric. It features one of the longest and most comfortable seats. The seating material is well-cushioned, and a perfect companion for long rides.

The rear section gets a metal bar, which also serves a practical purpose other than being just another aggressive design.

There is a single-strip LED tail lamp along with a tyre hugger.

Compared to the rest of the e-Scooter, the rear section is simple but effective.

Super Soco CPx Design Highlights

  • Futuristic Muscular Design
  • Maxi-Scooter Inspired Styling
  • 3D CPx Emblem
  • Carbon Steel Rear Carrier
  • LED Dual LED Headlamp with LED Taillamp
  • LED Side Indicators
  • Large Tubeless Tyres
  • Well-Cushioned Seats

Powerful Performance

Super Soco CPX is powered by a 4000W EEC engine that can generate a max torque of 171Nm. It is capable of an impressive top speed of 95Km/h. Moreover, it comes with a 60V45AH battery with a 15A fast charger.

Super Soco Nepal claims a charging time of 3.5 hrs and a claimed range of 100Km. Unlike its entry-level cousin, CPX comes with a Fast Charger as standard!

Honestly, these are impressive specs, even for a 150cc equivalent scooter.

Adding on top of that superb claim, Super Soco is also offering a 3-Year warranty on the battery and a 2-Year warranty on the motor.

Features Loaded

Super Soco packs in loads of features. It should be unsurprising, given its premium asking price.

Braking Performance

Super Soco CPx comes with dual-disc brakes. Like the CUx, the CPx also comes with Combi-Barking System (CBS) as standard.

Super Soco CPx Front Tyre
Super Soco CPx Front Tyre

While I would have loved to see any kind of ABS here.

But after experiencing the braking performance, I think CBS is also fine. However, Super Soco should have included ABS for the price.

Talking about the experience, the brakes provide adequate feedback. Plus, it does its job well in inspiring confidence.

However, feedback on the brake levers is comparatively stiff.

Nonetheless, it does not take away from its almost perfect braking feel.


Super Soco CPx gets a front telescopic and rear centralized mono-shock.

The suspension feel is nice.

It balances well between the soft and hard settings. In real-world conditions, the scooter is perfect for both off-road and city-road conditions.

Super Soco has opted for a traditional suspension setup. However, it has been tuned exercise comfort in both city and long tour conditions.

Honestly, this is one of the best-feeling suspension setups out there.

Larger Than Life Seats

On top of being premium and comfortable, the seats are enormous.

Super Soco CPx Seat
Super Soco CPx Seat

It is perfectly capable of fitting two to three people at a time, even without feeling a sense of discomfort or lack of space.

I can confidently attest to the seats after riding the CPx for whooping 4 hours on city traffic, highway, and off-road.

The seats are extremely comfortable, perhaps a perfect fit if you are constantly traveling.

Battery and Range

Super Soco CPx comes with a 60V45AH battery. It comes with a 15A fast charger, capable of full charge in just 3.5 hours.

As claimed, the fast charger is capable of charging the battery in 3-4 hours.

There is a unique placeholder, located under the seat, for both the charger and battery. Additionally, there is an extra slot for a second battery.

After a full charge, a rider can choose from three different modes: Mode 1, Mode 2, and Mode 3. Each mode increment increases power and torque.

In a real-world setting, we got an average range of 75-80Km. We got this range after continuously toggling between the three modes.

While this range might not sound impressive, it will be after considering performance.

Nonetheless, you can easily get the claimed range of 100Km if you ride it economically in Mode 1.

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Super Soco CPx gets 100/80 16-inch front tyre and 110/80 14-inch rear tyre. Both are tubeless tyres with attractive-looking alloy wheels.

It provides good enough traction while remaining fun and super confident-inspiring in tight corners.

These are chunky tyres, helping the scooter feel sportier and more aggressive.

Anti-Theft Security System

Super Soco CPx comes with a state-of-art anti-theft security system. It can be activated or deactivated from its unique key.

When the security system is active, it sounds like an alarm whenever there is an unauthorized movement of the scooter.

If the unauthorized movement continues, then it locks the wheel that prevents it from any further movements.

Other Interesting Features

Super Soco CPx comes with another list of cool new features like light-sensing LED Headlight, stylish LED Tail lamp, Smart Cockpit Dashboard, USB-charging, and Keyless Go.

The LCD dashboard is super informative, providing necessary rider telemetry. However, it lacks the necessary switch, taking slight hits on its user-friendliness.

While it misses out on extra features like Cruise Control and Hazard Lights, it manages to get a Reverse switch.

The feature will allow riders to simply auto-reverse the CPx effortlessly.

In the future, Super Soco CPx is stated to get App Integration.

Super Soco CPx Feature Highlights

  • One Push Reverse Button
  • USB Charging Port
  • Remote Key
  • Keyless GO with App Integration
  • Advanced Anti-Theft Safety Feature
  • Dual Disc Braking with CBS
  • 3-Level Riding Modes
  • Front Storage Cubby
  • Fast Charger
  • Dual Battery Capacity with Fast Charging

My Experience with Super Soco CPx

Mode Performance

I was already impressed with CUx.

It had set the stage for my initial expectation for Super Soco CPx. Unlike CUx, CPx carries a high asking price.

So, there should be no room for complaints.

While the eScooter misses out on features like ABS and under-seat storage, it puts most of the cost into its performance.

The 4kW motor makes it the most powerful eScooter in Nepal. After testing its performance on an open highway, we believe it!

Riding Modes Achieved Top-Speed
Mode 1 40Kmph – 46Kmph
Mode 2 50Kmph – 60Kmph
Mode 3 60Kmph – 70Kmph

It was more than capable in its Mode 1. In city roads or daily commutes, Mode 1 should be enough.

Surprisingly, the performance was unhinged despite the 115Kg kerb weight.

The punchy engine only added to its cornering ability. Plus, the scooter remained stable and sturdy in almost all conditions.

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Surely enough, Super Soco CPx comes with mind-blowing performance. Despite that level of performance, it still manages to be efficient and cost-effective.

Super Soco CPx consumes 2-3 units for a full charger.

We have gone into details, breaking down the cost between the Petrol and Electric scooter in our Full Review video.

In comparison, CPx can be considered even more efficient after taking its performance into factor.

It provides more range than the CUx, more performance, and more features.

Interestingly, it manages to do that by consuming just an extra electricity unit. So, it gets a more efficient performance to cost ratios.

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Battle with the Competition

Super Soco CPx vs Other eScooters

There is a new electric scooter brand entering Nepal every other week. However, those scooters are mostly targeted mid-segment.

It has a decent offering, providing a bare minimum for e-mobility.

In sharp contrast, Super Soco CPx does not beat around the bush. It offers the very best performance in the entire eScooter segment.

If you compare it side-by-side with any other eScooter, CPx will always come out on top.

Static Indicator Switch

Apart from the excellent build quality and power-packed performance, the Super Soco CPx fails in only one aspect.

Super Soco CPx Switches
Super Soco CPx Switches

Side Indicator Switch.

It replaces a traditional switch with something more static, in turn, bring down the experience. It does not go as far as ruining an otherwise joyful experience.

Nevertheless, Super Soco should have used a better switch.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Like a painting or digital art, the worth always depends on the eye of the beholder.

Super Soco CPx packs in a punch in almost all regards: power, style, performance, and features.

It shows us what the future of e-mobility holds; a performance that is noise-less and vibration-less. While the pricing might be a hindrance now, it might not be the case in the future.

That being said, some of us want an electric scooter as well as a power performer.

If you care about it, more than the range or battery, then Super Soco CPx is the one.

Furthermore, Super Soco CPx comes with 2 years of Motor warranty and 3 years of Battery warranty.

Being a sole performance powerhouse with that kind of offering at that price, then maybe it is worth it.

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