TechLekh is Nepal’s leading digital tech media company, dedicated to delivering high-quality content to its readers. We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals who are interested in contributing to our platform.

We accept submissions in the form of articles, news stories, analysis pieces, how-to guides, and opinion pieces related to the world of technology. Our goal is to provide our readers with informative and engaging content that covers a wide range of topics, from the latest gadgets and software to startup news and innovative technology trends in Nepal.

Contributor Guideliness

Before submitting your content, please read through our contributor guidelines carefully to ensure that your article meets our standards.

Who can Contribute?

We welcome contributions from anyone who is interested in technology and can write well. Whether you are a student, a professional, or an expert in your field, you can contribute to TechLekh.

What Can You Write About?

We are interested in articles that are related to technology, including but not limited to:

  • News and current events
  • Reviews of products, apps, and services
  • How-to guides and tutorials
  • Analysis and opinion pieces

We also encourage articles that are specific to the Nepalese technology scene, such as startups, entrepreneurs, and innovation.

How to Submit Your Article

To submit your article, please follow these steps:

  • Email your article to
  • Use the subject line “Article submission: [Title of your article]”
  • Include a brief bio and a profile picture
  • Attach your article in a Word document or Google Doc
  • Include any relevant images or videos

Article Requirements

To ensure the quality of our content, we require that all articles meet the following requirements:

  • The article must be original and not published elsewhere.
  • The article must be at least 800 words long.
  • The article must be well-written, informative, and engaging.
  • The article must be relevant to our readership and aligned with our editorial guidelines.
  • The article must include a meta description and focus keyword for SEO purposes.

Link Requirements and Policies

We allow contributors to include links within their articles, but we have some specific requirements and policies for these links:

  • The links must be relevant and add value to the article.
  • The links must not be spammy, misleading, or harmful.
  • The links must not violate any copyright or intellectual property laws.
  • We reserve the right to remove any links that do not meet these requirements.

Republishing Policies

We understand that our contributors may want to republish their articles on their own websites or other platforms. However, we have some policies that must be followed:

  • Contributors must wait at least two weeks after the article is published on TechLekh before republishing it elsewhere.
  • When republishing the article, contributors must include a link back to the original article on TechLekh.
  • We reserve the right to take down the article from our platform if it is republished elsewhere without following these policies.

Editorial process

Once we receive your article, our editorial team will review it for quality, relevance, and alignment with our editorial guidelines. We may make minor edits to your article to improve its readability and flow. We will also add images, videos, and other multimedia content to enhance your article.

Author Byline and Promotion

We give full credit to our contributors by including an author byline at the end of the article. This byline includes your name, bio, and a link to your website or social media profile. We also promote your article on our social media channels, which helps you gain more exposure and reach a wider audience.


At TechLekh, we believe in the power of technology to transform lives and drive progress. By contributing to our platform, you can share your knowledge and insights with our readers and help shape the future of technology in Nepal. We look forward to reading your articles!

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