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Smart Cards to Replace Driving Licenses in Nepal from this December

Nepal is steadily moving into the digital age. Government offices have started to post related information online and even in their offices one can see a link to a website. This has made things simpler to the general public.

Some recent ventures that the government has started going digital are:

  • Using MRP (Machine Readable Passport) instead of hand written passport
  • Using digital panels on the side of the roads for sharing traffic rules
  • Information on weather
  • Sajha Bus introduced a system of smart cards (Which is in its trial period currently)

And many more.

Going by this trend, the government has planned to bring a smart driver’s license card in Nepal.

smart-liscenec-card-frontPreviously everything related to the Driver’s License hand written. Now, starting from Mangsir 15, 2072 (1st December 2015) the smart card will be implemented in Kathmandu. After its 2 week trial period, the system will be used nationwide. The government has brought about this system by taking a loan of Rs 15 crore from Asian Development Bank.


In the first phase, the Department of Transport Management(DoTM) plans to distribute a total of 1,60,000 smart licenses in the Kathmandu Valley. According to spokesperson Basanta Adhikari, smart licenses will be distributed from all 14 Transport Management Offices in the country after two weeks from its launch in Kathmandu.

The new license is similar to any ATM cards. They contain electronic chips similar to SIM cards, which contain information on the driver’s identity and vehicle registration number. DoTM officials said that the smart licenses may also replace blue books as well. Smart card readers will be made available to DoTM staff and traffic police to access data on the card.

DoTM officials hope to control frauds and provide much smoother system in license handling by using the smart card system. This will lessen the burden of any unnecessary visits to the transport management office. People can also be free from waiting in those long irritating queues. The card is said to have 10 years of validity so anyone can use a single card for years without any trouble.


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    Thank GOD at least we are heading next step now with the advancement of technology and computer science. But sad to say is my driving license was issued in Kathmandu and now i am in Mechi zone and even there is net connection, I cannot still my records online. When I approached the concerned authority in Mechi to renew my license and when they check my record in their machine, my record is there but with lots of mistake in that record, data entry was wrong and they say get it corrected from where I got the license. I am not in a position to go there. When I requested someone there in Kathmandu yatayat office, they I personally have to be there even for correction of records with all original document. My goodness, in this age of technology and e-governance era, still this physical harassment!!!!! Who made the mistake in entering data into the machine???? and due their mistake do I have to bear the burden??? Even if I am ill, I have to be present to make correction and renew my license????
    So there is no use of issuing such smart license. Just issuing is just throwing dust in the eyes of people. Make it all online. We request the concerned online and correct online. You look at the website of department of transport management, you find just little info and linkages but there is little for the consumers. The license holders cannot make benefit anything online.

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      Yeah, true. Its a pathetic situation. In one hand DoTM says its is moving towards tech advancement by bring smart cards. On the next hand, DoTM site is totally broken, many broken links. Pathetic situation! 🙁

  • I have submitted my Application for renewal and I am waiting for my smart license. How can I know if my smart license is ready? Do I have to visit regularly at DOTM or is there any website to check


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