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A seminar on “Career Prospect of ICT Education in Nepal”, Happening Tomorrow

Prime College and Prime IT Club are organizing a seminar on “Career Prospect of IT education in Nepal” with the theme “industry-academia collaboration” on 21st September. Here, various ICT experts, CEO, Educationists, Software Developers/Designers, Entrepreneurs and Government Officials join together to share knowledge and tackle new challenges.


This seminar comprises of two sessions:

  1. Panel discussion on ICT Academia-Industry Collaboration

Time: 12:30pm


  • Nawaraj Poudel, Head of Central Department CSIT
  • Kishor Pant, CEO and Founder at Sastra Network and Solution
  • Alok Pandey, Chief Technical Officer(CTO) at Braindigit IT Solution
  • Ananda Raj Khanal, Director at Nepal Telecommunications Authority
  • Kailash Badu, Product Manager at Cloud Factory
  1. A Seminar on career prospects of IT Education in Nepal

Time: 2:30pm


  • Arun Kumar Timalsina, Assistant Professor at Tribhuvan University, IOE, Pulchowk
  • Abhinav Singh Dangol, Sr. Software Engineer at Plumeria Technology Pvt. Ltd
  • Naresh Prasad Shrestha, Principal of Prime College
  • Dilli Prasad Sharma, Coordinator of BSc.CSIT Prime College

IT education is getting popular among the students these days. Some may want to be a programmer, web-designer, software developer or a system analyst .But are these the only prospect of IT education? Or can we build-up our career in other rather than the aforementioned? This seminar targets to answer this question.

It is a well-known fact that our academia syllabus doesn’t   cover the industrial needs. There is a huge gap between what the industry wants and what we can offer. In academy, students learn the basic skills and concepts but in the industry level just implementing those skills and concepts are not adequate because the needs are ever changing in the market. Moreover, the challenges are also diverse in the industry level as innovation is the key to success at this level unlike mastering the preset courses at the academy. One has to have the aptitude for learning new things, being self motivated and being updated about the constant changes in the needs of the market constantly in order to sustain in the industry. Therefore, in this seminar, we unravel these aspects and discuss on different ways to bridge this gap. In addition to that, we can learn about various hot and happenings in the ever growing IT industry, first hand from the experts.


Guest Author

Sudeshna Pradhananga is Executive member at prime IT club. She is currently studying BSc.CSIT and is in 6th semester of her studies. She acquires good programming skills in JAVA and PHP. She can be reached on facebook.

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