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Samsung Brings New Year Cashback on Selected Smartphones

2018 has been a crazy and amazing year for smartphones. But it is guaranteed that 2019 will be even crazier and even more amazing. Anyway, to mark the end of the year, Samsung is offering cashback in four of its handsets that released in 2018. These handsets belong to the mid-range category. The phones to be discounted are the Samsung Galaxy J4+, Galaxy J6+, Galaxy A7, and the Galaxy J8.

Samsung Galaxy J6+

The largest discount is on the Galaxy J6+. The 4GB/ 64GB version of the Galaxy J6+ has been discounted by Rs. 2700. Its original price was Rs. 27,999, now you can buy this phone at Rs. 25290.

The 3GB/32GB version of the J6+ has got some cash shaved off its Marked Price. The phone originally cost Rs. 23690, but the cashback offer brings the phone’s price down to Rs. 21590. That is a saving of Rs. 2100.

Samsung Galaxy A7

The next largest discount is on the Galaxy A7, you know, the triple camera phone. There is only a single variant of this phone in Nepal – the one with the 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

This new year, you are getting a cashback of Rs. 2000 on this phone. Its original price was Rs. 42,990. Now, it’s down to Rs. 40,990. If you are torn between the Galaxy A7 and the Galaxy A9, you should read our comparison between the two.

Samsung Galaxy J8

Samsung Galaxy J8 launched in July with the launch price of Rs. 33,490. After a few months, its price has come down to Rs. 31,490. Now, Samsung is reducing the price of this handset even more for the new year.

There’s a Rs. 1500 cashback offer on the Galaxy J8 that takes its price down to Rs. 29990. However, is it worth spending the 30K on this phone? Check out our launch article to find out.

Samsung Galaxy J4+

The phone that gave you the least amount of cash back was the phone whose price was the least in the first place. Samsung Galaxy J4+ is a phone that was well under Rs. 20K when it launched. It comes around Rs. 19,390 normally.

But Samsung has cut the price by Rs. 500 just for this new year. This means you can buy the J4+ at Rs. 18,890 now. Yay!

So, this was Samsung’s offer this year. It’s not much, I know, but Rs. 1500 or Rs. 2000, when taken out of context, can be used to buy a competent pair of earphones for your newly bought phones. It can be used for a solid case or even a good power bank. I don’t know what you’ll do with the Rs. 500 that you’ll get off on the J4+. A large meal maybe?

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Anyway, if someone is giving you a discount, you take it. Which discount do I think you should take? I think you should go for the J6+ even though its processor leaves a lot to be desired. For around 20K, this is a good phone for someone who likes Samsung’s take on Android. But whatever you do, don’t buy the J8.

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