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A Host of New Samsung Galaxy A Devices: Galaxy A20e, Galaxy A40, Galaxy A90

It hasn’t been just a day since we talked about the Galaxy A50. But news about new members of the Galaxy A family is already starting to surface. Apparently, Samsung has 3 more devices planned to add to the A series and they are called Samsung Galaxy A20e, Samsung Galaxy A40, and Samsung Galaxy A90.

This information was revealed when Samsung UK allegedly made the product landing pages of these phones live. However, the product pages revealed nothing except the fact that the phones were going to be launched and they have been taken down. But we do have some rumors and speculations to munch through.

Samsung Galaxy A90

Of course, as the name suggests, this smartphone is going to be the most powerful and the most expensive of the Galaxy A series. This device was at first rumored to be a China-only device but if it was found on Samsung UK’s website then I guess that’s not the case. The most interesting thing about this phone are the rumors of a rotating camera. And not just any rotating camera, it is said that this device will feature a pop-up rotating camera. If that rumor is true, I don’t think people will buy flagships anymore.

Other rumors about this phone are the 6.41 inch AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon processor instead of an exynos one, and 6GB RAM. Samsung Galaxy A90 will surely have OneUI.

Samsung Galaxy A40

We have already seen the Galaxy A30 and A50 in action (at least in videos). So, judging by the naming scheme, A40 will have something more to offer than the A30 but won’t pack enough punch to knock the A50 out.

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I personally wish that the A40 would come with an AMOLED display like the one on the A50. But as both the A30 and A50 came with an AMOLED display, it is a no-brainer. Our other little birds have suggested that this phone will ship with Exynos 7885 and 4GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy A20e

This is the most mysterious phone in this bunch here. We know nearly nothing about this phone other than the fact that this will be a device between the Galaxy A10 and the Galaxy A30. Galaxy A10 had 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. So, the Galaxy A20e might come with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. I am also hoping for better speaker placement. And a USB C perhaps.

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In case you were wondering: What does the ‘e’ in the ‘A20e’ stand for? If we are to listen to the international tech community, it apparently stands for nothing. It just represents a different regional variant of the Galaxy A20.

At last …

There you have it. All the latest rumors and leaks roundup of the new Samsung Galaxy A series. Currently, there hasn’t been any announcement of the international release of these phones. So, we still don’t know much about them. It will surely be a long time before they come to Nepal. But when they do, you know where to look for a complete update on their price and features.

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