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Samsung Active Watch 2 with Digital Bezels Launched in Nepal for Rs. 38,999

Samsung always seems to be in some kind of a hurry to launch new products into the market. Whether it’s with phones or wearables, Samsung always wants to be at the top of something. Take the Active series for an example, it’s been hardly what, 4 months since the device’s arrival in Nepal and we already have its forerunner out in the market right now.

Yup, the 2nd iteration of the Active Watch i.e. Active Watch 2 is now finally available in Nepal. There are two variants which are further portioned into 2 more devices. So, there’s a total of 4 different models to choose from. But Nepal does not get that kind of flexibility. Currently, only the 44mm Bluetooth variant is available in Nepal and as mentioned in the title, it comes at Rs 38,999.Samsung Active Watch 2 price in nepalOk, so aside from the price, what’s so extravagant about this device? Well, let’s find out in this quick summary of the Active Watch 2.

Samsung Galaxy Active Watch 2 Overview

As I mentioned earlier, the Active Watch 2 will come in 2 basic variants: A Bluetooth model and a Bluetooth + LTE model. Both of these are further available in 40mm and 44mm models. The Active Watch 2 is a lot similar to its forerunner, the Active Watch. Side by side, the external geometry is almost similar except for a change or two.

First, the Active Watch 2 is actually slightly larger and the bezel are actually a lot thinner. The other one being the side buttons- typically you wouldn’t even notice it but look closer, the perfect circle and oval layout on the Active Watch 2 sort of makes it more aesthetic. The last one is that the Active 2 actually features a speaker, while it remains missing on the Active Watch.Now, on to the functionalities. The Active Watch 2 features something called a Digital Bezel. The basic concept is that when you move your finger over the bezel, your response is translated into a navigation action on the watch. It’s sort of like the bezels present in iPods—but with some changes, I guess. Everything is neatly lined up in perfect circles, so navigation using the Digital Bezels is quite easy as well.

The Active Watch 2 is also supposed to have supports for ECG tracker (An Electrocardiogram Tracker), that can be used to check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity. But that is going to take some time to be implemented into the Watch. The Active Watch 2 also has an improved heart monitor with 8 heart rate diodes. Basically, the greater number of diodes improves the accuracy of scans.

The 44mm version comes with 340mAh while the 40mm comes in with 247mAh. All the variants still come in with the dual core Exynos 9110, 1.4” (360 x 360 resolution) sAMOLED screen with Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ and Tizen OS on top.

Samsung Active Watch 2 Key Specifications

There are just 2 significant differences between the Bluetooth and Bluetooh+LTE mode. The Bluetooh+LTE version has LTE support and comes in with 1.5GB RAM. The Bluetooth model comes with 768MB RAM.  

  • Display: 44mm: 1.4” Super AMOLED; 360×360 resolution; Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Strap: 20mm interchangeable
  • Chipset: Dual-core Exynos 9110 at 1.15GHz
  • RAM: 768MB (Bluetooth) / 1.5GB(Bluetooh+LTE)
  • Storage: 4GB
  • Battery: 44mm – 340mAh // 40mm – 247mAh
  • Software: Tizen OS
  • Compatibility: Android- 5.0 or higher, RAM 1.5GB and above, iPhone- iPhone 5 and above, iOS 9.0 or above

Samsung Active Watch 2 Price in Nepal (44 mm Bluetooth): Rs 38,999

So, that’s all about the Active Watch 2 for now. Once the other variants are made available, we’ll make sure to update more about it. Until then, do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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