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Third Batch of Rockstart Impact Companies Selected

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After two successive edition of the annual accelerator program, Rockstart Impact is gearing up for the third edition. 10 scalable and ambitious companies have been finalized by Rockstart Impact for this year’s of program.

The finalized 10 companies were selected out of 197 applications that were submitted on November 2016. A selection committee of Rockstart Impact first shortlisted the major candidates (companies) on the basis of their track record of profit and impact. And then, mentors, partners, and investors of the program ranked the shortlisted candidates and finalized the top 10 companies. The shortlisted candidates were ranked on three different factors – company profile, viability, and scalability.

The 10 selected companies that will be a part of this year’s program are:

  1. Nepal Thopa Sinchai Pvt. Ltd
  2. Rammed Earth Solutions Nepal
  3. Mush Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Global Chemicals
  5. Green Bamboo Creation
  6. Best Paani
  7. Environment Protection and Alternative Power Development Private Limited
  8. National Organics
  9. Chainlink Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
  10. ICT for Agriculture

Launched on 2014 by One to Watch, Rockstart Impact claims to be the Nepal’s first accelerator program. The program is primarily targeted towards the yearning entrepreneurs who have a feasible and versatile business. The central element of the program is the 100-day business support program. During these 100 days, the entrepreneurs will strengthen their vision and capabilities to build a viable and scalable company.

Learn more about the selected companies and Rockstart Impact on this link.

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