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Redmi Note 7 Pro 6/64GB Variant Launched in Nepal: Should You Buy It?

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 Pro is still a beast in the mid-range category. I’m sure you’ll all agree to the fact that this phone with it’s astounding features is really affordable. In terms of affordability and power in this category, its second to none. Don’t you think so?

But I’m sure the 4/64Gb and 6/128GB variant wasn’t satisfying enough for this device. Everybody was kind of hoping to see the 6/64Gb in the market variant but initially Xiaomi had different plans. However, the plans have changed and now the 6/64Gb variant of Redmi Note 7 Pro is here at last!

At Rs. 26,999, the 6/64Gb variant of Redmi Note 7 Pro is the ideal mid-range phone. Redmi fans must be quite aware of the features by now. Still let’s just have a quick peek into everything that Redmi Note 7 Pro provides.

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Redmi Note 7 Pro Specifications

The Redmi Note 7 Pro has a 6.3” IPS LCD display with 1080 x 2080 pixels. Not bad actually but I was expecting an AMOLED panel. The Front and back both contain glass which has improved the overall look and feel of the device. But the wannabe glass finish in the back is a huge fingerprint magnet. The front has a dew-drop notch which doesn’t bother me that much but you disable it if you don’t like it.

The Snapdragon 675  is the best in the 600 series and performance wise it is flawless. The RAM management on both the 4 and 6 Gb is kind of impressive. The performance and RAM management is properly backed by a huge 4000 mAh battery. Even as an intensive gamer, you should have no problem in terms of performance and battery.

Taking about the camera, the 48MP rear does capture some good photos with great dynamic range, proper color and sharpness. The portrait mode through the 5MP depth sensor is a bit sloppy but still considerable. The night mode in this phone is one of the best in the mid-range category. It captures great detail, with decent contrast and sharpness.

The headphone jack is still present which is a great asset. The fingerprint sensor as well as the face-unlock are both admirable in terms of speed and accuracy. The phone does not have an IP certification but can withstand the monsoon season pretty well.

Should You Buy It?

Honestly, this is one of those phones that I’ve had in my mind for quite some time. I’ve really liked the performance, battery and the feel of this device. And in my mind, I was always hoping that this device would be available in 6/64Gb variant. From around a week of experiencing this device, I can at least recommend you this device.

So, if you’re looking for a mid-ranged device with great features and affordability, definitely go for this device. The Redmi Note 7 Pro in 6/64Gb is definitely worth the price.

What are your thoughts on the device? Do you think the addition of 6/64Gb is the best thing that could’ve happened for Redmi Note 7 Pro? Share with us in the comments below.

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