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Programiz – Making Programming Easy from Nepal

Computer Science students are expected to be fluent in many programming languages. So, they’ve got a lot to learn. And in this process of learning, most of us must have come across a website called Programiz. We’ve learned a lot from this website (mostly about C and C++) and what we might not have learned is that programiz.com is actually a website run by a Nepali.

Yes, Ranjit Bhatta, a Nepali engineer, started the website which is now used by millions of people worldwide.

About Programiz

Programiz offers beginner’s course in four languages; C, C++, Python, and R. Each course starts with an introduction page that contains background information on the language with reasons for its importance. Each course is divided into headings and subheadings. Each subheading is written in simple language with ample illustrations, examples, and outputs.

C tutorial headings and subheadings  

The initiation

This website started humbly. Ranjit Bhatta, the founder of Programiz was studying Electronics and Communication Engineering at Pulchowk. As a part of the curriculum, he had to study C and C++. It was then, he noticed the lack of quality resources online for those languages; even though C is one of the foundations of modern Computer Science. There were tons of resources for HTML, CSS, PHP, C#, and Java. But no tutorials for beginners to get started with C and C++. So he started writing tutorials in his free time. One thing led to another and Programiz slowly became the website it is today.

Programiz currently has three members in its core team; Ranjit Bhatta, Aswin Shrestha, and Punit Jajodia and few other people who contribute to the tutorials and write blog posts in their free time.

From left to right: Punit Jajodia, Ranjit Bhatta, Aswin Shrestha

Challenges and future plans

Punit Jajodia of Programiz says “Maintaining simplicity and quality of the content are the biggest challenges. It is a balancing act. Since we are focussed on beginners, we have to always make sure that our tutorials are super simple to understand. But ‘simple’ is hard and time-consuming. So keeping a steady stream of tutorials going into the website while maintaining quality has been the biggest challenge.”

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In future, the team at Programiz plans to make it even easier for beginners to learn to program. They have recently integrated a feature that allows the users to modify sample programs within the browser. They are extending that concept to create a real-time feedback system that will allow anyone to play with code online.

Programiz has the vision to “become the most beginner friendly tutorial website in the world.”

Message for beginners

When asked to share a few words for beginners of entrepreneurship, Punit says, “Most people in Nepal think that earning money or creating value requires a huge team and lots of people working under you. That is not the truth. A tiny team of one (Ranjit) gently shook the world with his efforts and a small team of three is now working full-time to educate millions of budding programmers worldwide.

So if you have an idea, don’t hire anyone for the first few months. Until you earn the first few thousand rupees, slog it out yourself and only add people who you know will add value to your company. And if you are starting your first business, only get an office space when you can afford the rent from the money you earned from your business.

Dream big but start small!

The biggest companies in the world weren’t started in fancy offices, they were built in bedrooms, dorm rooms, and cafes. Hack it out, don’t go for perfection, put your creation out in the wild and keep trying.”

My opinion

I had been using Programiz for a while before I realized it was based in Nepal. It was only because of an article in the official website of Republica that this website became something more than just another programming website. Made with a team of three people, this is a great website for learning the basics of the languages it offers. No wonder it has been such a hit with a lot of students.

The team at TechLekh wishes Programiz all the best for its future endeavors.

Check out the website at: https://www.programiz.com/

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