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PHP Developers Meetup #14 on 5th September, 2015

PHP Developers Meetup Edition 14 is going to be held on 5th September, 2015 starting 11 AM onwards at Prime College (+2 Old Building), Khusibun. The Meetup is being organized by PHP Developers Nepal. PHP Developers Nepal is a public group on Facebook that has been organizing PHP Meetup constantly with a motive to bring like-minded people together and make them talk about PHP and associated web technologies.


The Meetup is supposed to have 3 main talks.

  1. Automated unit tests in PHP is a puzzle, Continuous Integration (CI) is the missing piece – By Sachit Singh
  2. Project Management vs Product Management-scope and challenges in Nepal – By Sumit Banskota
  3. Still stuck with FTP or git pull to deploy? It’s high time to embrace Automated Deployment with Capistrano – By Sumit Chhetri

In order to gain more information about the event, you can join DN: PHP Developers Nepal Facebook Group. To be a part of this event, you need to join the Meetup event created on Facebook.

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