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P30 Pro Full Camera Review: One of The Best Camera Smartphone!

Smartphone manufacturers are going crazy over cameras. Two camera sensors are now a norm and recently Huawei launched a smartphone with 50x digital zoom. It’s nonother than the Huawei P30 Pro.

It has 4 sensors on the rear including a 50x digital zoom lens, a wide-angle sensor, and a 3D TOF sensor. In this article, we will take a look at varieties of pictures that will incorporate the working of all of the mentioned sensors. Let’s start with the periscope lens.

Periscope Lens

Alright, let’s start with something that P30 Pro is really good at. The Periscope Zoom lens, the periscope zoom lens offers 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and the 50x digital zoom. So at first, I was really skeptic about using the zoom level beyond 10x. However, after you start using the P30 Pro, you will start to get more inventive.

Sample Set 1

For instance, I went to Patan for our little shootout with the P30 Pro and it was a very good place to try out the prowess of the periscope zoom lens. Take a look at this first picture, this thing is on the opposite of the Patan museum, near the Krishna temple. I guess its called garudh.

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The first picture is a normal one, on the 2nd one we go a little closer with the 5x zoom and I absolutely love it. It was an overcast day, and that’s why it has that darker profile to it. There’s a good amount of contrast and I like how I was able to isolate the subject without losing details.

Then I went even closer with the 10x zoom and yeah you can see that we were able to get a very nice shot, without distracting the pigeons. I think this is the real usefulness of the p30 pro’s zoom lens. You can get really close to the subject, just isolate it and get a different perspective rather than just a normal wide shot.

Sample Set 2

Now, moving on to the next picture, the first sample is shot with the default lens and it is nice. The 2nd one is shot with 5x optical zoom and then the 3rd one is shot with 10x hybrid zoom.

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The zoom gives us more isolated look at the temple and I really like this one, without the buildings the temple alone looks really good and these are the usage of the zoom lens. It’s useful when you want to take an isolated picture of a subject.

We can get even closer with the 10x hybrid zoom, and the picture still looks good, with crisp details on the temple, those bricks seem to have nice lines. I also used 32x zoom and I think it is a little gimmicky at this moment. However, the zoom lens of the p30 pro is definitely impressive.

Night Shots

Now moving on to the Night shots. I’ve used the P20 Pro, the Mate 20 Pro and those phones were good at night shots as well. But the P30 Pro does it exceptionally well. So, to put the p30 pro’s night mode up to the test, I decided to capture some pictures around Basantapur at night.

Sample Set 1

I arrived there at around 6;45 and the first picture of the taleju temple was clicked right at 6-52pm. First, I was not using the night mode, the first sample is just the normal photo mode and it looks good even without the night mode. It has ISO of 2000, and the overall picture without the night mode looks pretty detailed. However, you can see slight noise around the sky.

In the 2nd sample, we are using the night mode and in this one, you can clearly notice the improvement, the noise has been reduced a lot. The exposure is balanced, and this one has more details as well. The picture already looked good with the auto mode, but now it looks better.

Sample Set 2

Now onto the 2nd-night time image, this place is further ahead, as we head down the road. The first picture has been shot without the night mode and the image still looks decent. However, the picture looks blurry at the edges; the tree right ahead is dark and does not have detail.

Now, take a look at the 2nd one with the night mode, look at that, instant upgrade. First thing, the tree now has much more detail; I really like how you can even see the details on the leaves, the colors. The building right in front also has more detail now, the exposure has been lifted heavily and the overall result is a great night shot of the Kageshwor temple.

Sample Set 3

Likewise, the shot of durbar square is shot without night mode exactly at 7:04 pm. And as you can see it was quite dark and there is no heavy light source near that side of the durbar square. The 2nd image is shot with the night mode and the 7-second exposure gives you a far better picture. You can even see details underneath the ceiling right at these parts of the building and at the windows as well.

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Sample Set 4

While taking this last picture, it was really pitch dark as you can see in the image, which was shot without the night mode. Even my naked eye could not really make up the details on those buildings. But with the night mode on the 2nd sample, the 6-sec exposure is working nice, we are getting those good details of the buildings on the right and the main white building as well.

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Wide-Angle Sensor

Now that we have talked about the periscope zoom lens and the night mode, it’s time we look at the wide-angle lens. The wide-angle lens gives you this completely new perspective of anything you shoot. I love clicking buildings with a wide lens. The images appear nice, the pictures do lose slight details with the wide-angle lens and the autofocus with the wide lens is not as good as the main lens.

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However, I was impressed with the balanced dynamic range, the colors and exposure while I was using the wide-angle lens. Using the wide-angle lens in the night is kinda tricky though, you can use the night mode with a wide lens as well. However, results will not be as good as, what you get with the main sensor.

Macro Shots

However, you can capture some beautiful macro shots with a wide-angle sensor. The 16mm focal length lets you get really close to the subject and still have the object on focus. The macro shots turn out nice. You can get creative with these macro shots. I loved taking macro shots with this wide-angle lens.

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Portrait Mode

Now, about the portrait mode, I do not click much portrait pictures. However, I do have a couple of samples to show here.
In the first sample, the edge detection is good, the background blur is also nice and the overall picture looks good.

Now on to the next one, this was shot on an overcast day. The background blue is gradual which you can realize with the way the pavement has been blurred out, the edge detection is also good. However, the person has turned out a bit darker and you will see it better when we compare the normal photo and the portrait photo.

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Selfie Camera

Now we move on to the front camera. The selfies come out clean, there are lots of detail and the selfies look sharp. The colors also look neutral; there is no extra colors boost. I really like how selfies turn out. However, I did turn off all the beauty modes. The AI HDR also helps to achieve good selfies when the background has bright sunlight.

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Now, something extra that I would like to talk about is the monochrome feature. I was just experimenting with it. And, I was not really interested in those pictures but after exporting the pictures to my pc, I stumble upon these monochrome pictures and they look absolutely beautiful. I really love these pictures.


In video mode, the P30 Pro shoots in 1080p Full HD by default, but you can go up to 4K UHD with a maximum recording time of 10 minutes per clip. The OIS and AIS (software stabilization) works really well to make your handheld shots smoother. The videos are better than the mate 20 pro and you can even use that 5x optical zoom and 10x hybrid zoom while recording video. In addition, you can shoot with the wide-angle lens as well.


So, in conclusion. The Huawei P30 Pro is one of the best camera smartphone available right now. The night mode is excellent and you don’t even need to use the night mode. The auto mode itself does a good job. The 5x optical zoom and 10x hybrid zoom also work well. Especially during daylight. And not to forget the wide-angle lens lets you get wide-angle photos and some really nice macro shots. Well, the p30 pro is definitely the most versatile camera smartphone and it’s superb.

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