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“NTA QoS Survey” App to Collect Feedback From NTA Customers

nta qos survey appNepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), an independent body founded under Nepal Telecom Act, launched a mobile application in a bid to collect online feedback from customers on telecommunication services being delivered by domestic telecom operators. It will use the data collected from customers and direct the responsible telecom company to improve the quality.

Previously, in order to complain telecom operator’s quality issue, a person was mandated to visit the telecom’s office. Now with the launch of this new online application called NTA QoS survey, anyone can post their complaints regarding the quality issues with telecom services. The application is available in both Nepali and English languages.

“The app aims to collect users’ perception on telecom services they consume. Based on the feedback of customers, NTA will direct responsible telecom company to rectify errors identified by customers and will take action if same error is repeated thereafter,” said Min Prasad Aryal, spokesperson for NTA.

According to him, this move of NTA will encourage telecom service providers to focus on quality service and consumer satisfaction.

People just need to fill up a form with their profile information once to register their complaints or feedbacks regarding any services of the telecom operators. It includes services from all telecom operators.

Download NTA QoS Survey App

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