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Ncell Adjusts Telecommunication Service Charges

Ncell has introduced a new campaign to offer more value to customers on voice and data packs after the recent increase in Telecommunication Service Charges (TSC) from 17th July. The company claimed that some the charges of some products and services remain unchanged even after the increase in TSC.

The company aims to increase transparency on tariff by providing necessary information about the tariff plans exclusive of taxes.

Why it matters:

  • According to the company, the standard per minute call is still Rs 1.99 excluding taxes, it has also not made any changes to the rate for SMS, Pay As You Go Rate of data, Ssaapati service, and postpaid service packs.
  • The new campaign of the company is to give more value to customers on daily, 3-day, weekly, and monthly packs.
  • The company has cut off tariff before tax in SMS packs, international roaming and roaming packs, biz plans, and Koseli service to partially reduce the impact of the increased TSC rate. 

The backstory:

From this fiscal year starting from 19th July, the government has increased the TSC to 13% on voice and other telecom services and also levied 13% TSC in internet service.

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