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Ncell Introduces “Mero Plan”: A Perfect Offer Plan for People on the Go?

Ncell has just introduced a new plan. This new plan is called “Mero Plan” and you can access it by dialing *302# on your phone.

So, what exactly is this Mero Plan? Mero Plan is a system whereby you get various offers within a single pack. Within the pack, you get a limited amount of data and lower call rates for a month’s time.

Ncell Mero Plan Package

There are altogether 5 different packs available which provide these offers on a different level. Here’s a list of all the data packs that you can buy and the data along with the call rates associated with the pricings:

Pack Price (per Month) Pack Prices (per Month inc Tax) Available Data Ncell to Ncell Call (per Min) Ncell to Ncell Call (per Min inc Tax)
Rs 199 Rs 254.10 1GB Rs 1 Rs 1.28
Rs 299 Rs 381.79 3GB Rs 0.90 Rs 1.15
Rs 499 Rs 637.17 6GB Rs 0.80 Rs 1.02
Rs 799 Rs 1020.24 15GB Rs 0.70 Rs 0.89
Rs 999 Rs 1275.62 25 GB Rs 0.50 Rs 0.64

Few notes

There’s one other thing that you need to know about this plan. If somehow, you’ve used up all of your data, the data will be switched off automatically. Meaning that the data service will stop at once so that you don’t end up using your main balance.

Also, note that you will still be charged at the default rate if you’re calling to another network i.e NTC, and SmartCell.

My opinion regarding Ncell’s Mero Plan

I’ll be honest with you; this plan isn’t for everybody. Because the rates for packs are really high and every pack is valid for a month only.

In brief, this is mostly for those people who use their data and call frequently for a long time. For those people, who mostly use data pack only or mostly use voice packs only, this plan is a no go. But someone might need both data packs and voice packs at the same time. Thus, taking this pack would mean that they’d get cheaper calls and enough data at the same time.

Lastly, if you wish to know more about the offer, then click here.

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