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The First 108MP Penta Camera Phone to Launch Tomorrow: Can You Tell The Name?

“Do Megapixels really matter the most in a camera?”.

I’m sure most of you have wondered this every time a new smartphone with higher Megapixels capabilities are launched in the market. And well the obvious answer is no; we still fall for these Megapixels when buying a new phone.

Well, keeping that particular thought in mind, one particular phone is set to be revived with a 108MP Penta camera setup! This phone is the first flagship from Xiaomi for 2019. So, do you know which phone this is? Well let me save you the trouble by revealing that it’s Mi Note 10.

The Revived Mi Note 10 is the first 108MP Penta camera phone scheduled to be launched in Madrid, Spain at 11:30 AM CEST (3 PM IST) on November 6. So, should you start saving money to buy this phone? Well, you can decide for yourself once you check out these specifications on the device.

Mi Note 10 Features

The Mi note 10’s design is pretty much what you’d expect from a flagship device. The phone does have glass around the front and back with the frontal edges curving perfectly to meet the rear glass. The vertical penta camera setup does look neat but feels a little out of place when compared to other fancy flagship camera bumps.

The Mi Note 10 sports a massive 6.47” Super AMOLED screen with FHD+ resolution. The phone does seem to have a small drop-down notch for front camera which is quite unexpected on this device. Under the hood, the phone will house a Snapdragon 730G processor paired with 6/8GB RAM and a flexible 64/128/256GB internal storage. On the surface, the phone will run MIUI 11 on top of Android 9.

The main highlight of the phone is obviously the Penta camera setup centered around 108MP primary sensor. The Mi Note 10 will have a 5MP telephoto which, coupled with the digital zoom, can get as high as 50x. Other than that, the phone will also include a 20MP ultrawide and 2MP macro lens.

Latest Mobile Prices

As of now, we just have an official Xiaomi shot to determine how good the cameras are. But once the phone has been launched, detailed test will be conducted. For now, just check out  the below official shot from the Mi Note 10.

A new camera sample published by Xiaomi Poland on the Mi community forum which aimed to show out the Mi Note 10’s camera capabilities

Last but not the least, is the monstrous 5270mAh battery life. The battery is quite impressive but more impressive is maybe the 30W fast charger. Xiaomi claims that it can charge more faster than any other 30W charger on the market.

Mi Note 10 Launch & Availability

As mentioned earlier, this phone is set to launch just tomorrow in Madrid, Spain. Also, Xiaomi is also expected to launch Mi Note 10 in Poland on November 14. Side by side, it is also set to be launched in China under another name i.e. Mi CC9 Pro. There is no word on when or whether Xiaomi will bring the Mi Note 10 to Nepal

Well, that’s all about the Mi Note 10 for now. We’ll provide an in-depth review on the device once it’s been launched. For now, do let us know what you thought about these devices on the comments down below.

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