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LG TV Price in Nepal (February 2024 Updated)

Looking to buy a new LG TV? Confused by the many different models of LG TVs in Nepal? This list is for you.

LG TV in Nepal

In this list of LG TV price in Nepal, we’ll break down the LG TVs available in Nepal by their types and hopefully, help you make your decision.

LG TV in Nepal

So you might be wondering who sells these LG TV in Nepal. CG is the official distributor for LG TV in Nepal. We recommend buying from authorized channels so as to avoid having issues down the road.

Currently, there are a total of 22 LG TV in Nepal. The LG TV price in Nepal ranges from Rs. 42,390 to an eye-popping Rs. 13,84,690. LG offers 1 year and up to 3 years of warranty depending on the product. You can check more details about their policy here.

For those of you who want to know how to find the exact TV and its functions using the model number, here’s how LG names its TVs.

LG TV Naming
LG TV Naming Convention

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LG TV in Nepal Price List

LG TV Price Range in Nepal
Smart TV Rs. 42390- Rs. 71790
UHD Rs. 81990- Rs. 171790
OLED Rs. 343590- Rs. 1384690
QNED Rs. 192390 – Rs. 480790

LG TV Price in Nepal 2024

LG Smart TV Price in Nepal

LG Smart TV
LG Smart TV

SmartTV from LG comes with webOS and you can get them in 2 different sizes right now.

LG Smart TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Offer Price (Limited Time)
32" HD TV 32LQ636B Rs. 42390 Rs. 35190
43" FHD TV 43LM575O Rs. 71790 Rs. 59690

LG UHD TV Price in Nepal

A 4K TV (also called UHD TV) is a TV set with 4K resolution. They typically have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 on TVs, for a total of about 8.3 million pixels. Currently, 4K TVs are gaining popularity worldwide as they are getting affordable every year.


If you have a decent-sized room and like watching movies and shows in High picture quality, you can’t go wrong with 4K TVs. LG also offers 4K TVs in a multitude of price ranges and sizes.

LG UHD TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Offer Price (Limited Time)
43" 43UP7550PTC Rs. 81990 Rs. 68090
43" 43UQ7550PSF Rs. 81990 Rs. 68190
50" 50UQ7550PSF Rs. 103890 Rs. 86390
50" 50UP7750PTB Rs. 126290 Rs. 105090
55" 55UQ8050PSB Rs. 121790 Rs. 101290
55" 55UP7750PTB Rs. 139790 Rs. 116290
55" 55UQ7550PSF Rs. 114190 Rs. 94890
65" 65UQ7550PSF Rs. 164090 Rs. 136490
65" 65UQ8050PSB Rs. 171790 Rs. 142890

LG OLED TV Price in Nepal

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV is a TV that is fundamentally different from traditional LCD or LED TVs.

While LED TVs do use LED for backlight, they don’t produce color, that’s handled by a color filter or a quantum dot layer (in the case of Samsung’s QLED TVs). OLED TVs use tiny diodes that light up by themselves and can also display colors by themselves.


This results in vibrant colors and great black tones as the pixels can be turned on and off independently. The downside is that OLED TVs are not the brightest.

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LG OLED TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Offer Price (Limited Time)
42" OLED42C3 Rs. 343590 Rs. 285790
48" OLED48C3 Rs. 365390 Rs. 303890
55" OLED55C1 Rs. 329790 Rs. 274190
65" OLED65C1 Rs. 561590 Rs. 467090
65" OLED65C9 Rs. 561590 Rs. 467090
65" OLED65C2 Rs. 525590 Rs. 437090
77" OLED77C3 Rs. 1179490 Rs. 980890
83" OLED83C3 Rs. 1384690 Rs. 1151490

LG QNED TV Price in Nepal

So QNED TVs from LG feature lots of dimming zones. To put it simply, QNED TVs use even smaller, usually 1/40th of the size of conventional LEDs for backlight. This allows for more precise control of lighting while also being able to fit more LEDs in the same space.


As such, QNED TVs have increased peak brightness levels and can also display sharper contrasts and more details when compared to normal LED/LCD TVs.

QNED TVs are also available with Quantum Dot and NanoCell technology, which allow for more rich and accurate color displays.

LG QNED TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Offer Price (Limited Time)
55" 55QNED80 Rs. 192390 Rs. 159990
65" 65QNED80 Rs. 294890 Rs. 245190
75" 75QNED80 Rs. 480790 Rs. 399790

Where to buy a LG TV in Nepal?

If you are looking to buy a LG TV in Nepal and wonder where the official stores for LG are in Nepal. You can buy LG TVs from authorized LG stores, also called LG Shoppe, in the offline market. Check out the below table.

Location Contact No.
Inside Kathmandu
AC Complex/Chabahil 01-4561234
Civil Mall/Sahidgate 01-4253974
Imadol/Gwarko 01-5200426
Jawalakhel 01-5546612
Kantipath 01-5318116
Minbhawan/Baneshwor 01-4106530
Sitapaila 01-4034562
Outside Kathmandu
Traffic Chowk/Biratnagar 021-590266

Thoughts on LG TV Price in Nepal

So this was our list of LG TV price in Nepal 2024. LG is one of the most popular brands in Nepal, especially in the home appliance industry. The only notable competitor for LG in the TV department would be Samsung.

While most of the LG Smart TV price in Nepal are on the high side, LG is known to make incredible panels and deliver very good picture quality. Their OLED TVs are some of the most well-received TVs worldwide.

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What do you think of the LG TV in Nepal? Let us know in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LG TV price in Nepal?
LG Smart TV in Nepal price range from Rs. 42,390 to Rs. 13,84,690.

Who is the authorized distributor of LG TV in Nepal?
CG is the authorized distributor of LG TV in Nepal.

What is the most expensive LG Television in Nepal?
The 83″ OLED OLED83C3 model is the most expensive LG TV in Nepal. It costs Rs. 13,84,690.

Which is the cheapest LG TV in Nepal?
The 32″ HD 32LQ636B model is the cheapest LG TV in Nepal. It costs Rs. 42,390.

Which is the best LG TV in Nepal?
The OLED TV series is the best LG TV in Nepal.

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