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Learnhub.online: This New EdTech Startup is Helping Kids Code from the Comfort of Home

With the digital economy making massive impacts in society, every country is working to adopting it.

Learnhub.online – coding for kids

The future of work is rapidly changing. In fact, according to research by World Economic Forum, 65 percent of the children entering primary school now will work in a job that doesn’t exist today. And ‘programming and coding’ is one of them.

With a vision to make the new age courses accessible to all, AdMana Technology has designed a platform where children can learn coding through live sessions. Their product named ‘Learnhub.online offers live coding classes to students from Grade 1 to 10.

Learnhub.Online offers around 16 courses for students. Packages named as Little Coders, Young Coders, Expert Coders and Pro Coders are separately designed for each level.

Concepts including small games and animation, basic coding concept, UI designing, pattern creation, the concept of variables, functions, 3D designing, physical computing, complex designing are for students of Grade 1to 4.

Similarly, concepts including motion graphics, AI, Javascript, basics of Python are taught to the students of Grade 5 & 6. Likewise, courses in Python, machine learning, automation, professional game development are included for students of Grade 7 to 10.

“We are focused on developing the right brain and left brain of the kids,” says Dipesh Khetan, co-founder of AdMana.

The price ranges from Rs 16,600 to Rs 73,500. There are different packages including one month package, two-month package, six-month package and one year package.

Class features

Two of the main features of this online platform are live classes and 1:1 sessions. “As this is a creative course, we need to have live 1:1 sessions so that the teacher can have a close interaction with the kids,” he shares.

As of now, around 100+ students have signed up for the classes. According to Khetan, 80 percent of the students are from Nepal and around 20 percent are from middle-east.

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“As we are online based, we are looking forward to reaching the kids in places outside the valley,” he says.

In fact, along with middle-east where they have already reached, they have also been receiving inquiries from Nepalis residing in China and Hongkong. The majority of the students are from Grade 1 to 4.

“This came as a surprising result for us as we were expecting that students of higher levels would be interested to learn the course. We found that the parents want their children to learn these courses,” he says.

“The major reason for less number of senior student enrolling in the course is because they will get similar kind of recorded videos in YouTube if they want to learn,” he views.

Also, the timings are flexible. “Once the children sign up for the package, it is entirely upon the trainer and the student to decide on timings,” he says.

Revenue model and growth

The platform runs on a subscription-based model.

They have plans to reach around 2,000 students by this year. “But as we haven’t got any opportunity to promote our product physically, it will be a challenge in scaling up,” Khetan says.

Had we got an opportunity to showcase our product in CAN Infotech, many people would have known about it. We have been promoting the product through the digital platform, but we can’t say this would be impactful as physical promotion, Khetan shares.

“The main reason is we can build trust when we explain about the product in person. This is because people have come in touch with many online platforms which assure genuine products and service but leave them with a bad experience.” He believes that bringing strict policy on e-Commerce and other virtual services will be beneficial to genuine players to the market and do well to the market as a whole.

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How Learnhub was born?

Learnhub.online is a brainchild of AdMana Network, a digital Ad network company in Nepal. The team of AdMana keeps on researching new technology and brainstorming new ideas for their client.

“As different kinds of Edtech platform are coming in the market, we planned to bing a product with its unique feature focusing on creative growth of children. Hence we commenced Learnhub,” shares Khetan.

The team researched the idea for around 6-8 months before execution on December 2020. According to Bikisha Shrestha, project manager of AdMana, the trainers need to be from a Technical background.

“The trainers should have a graduation degree. But there are no fixed criteria regarding their profession,” Shrestha shares. The company also gives frequent follow-up trainings to upgrade the skills of teachers. According to Khetan, the trainers are from India.

With these classes, the children will develop interactive skills from their early days. Also, as all the teachers are very friendly and have great skills to deal with children, the kids will enjoy the classes, says Khetan.

“The child will be result-oriented and learn to make games and understand the whole process instead of just playing it,” he shares. The team is working to bring more creative courses with a focus to develop the critical thinking skills needed to solve any kind of problem.

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