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Investment Board Proposes to Construct Two Railways in Kathmandu

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The Investment Board Nepal has proposed two railways be constructed in Kathmandu Valley, per OnlineKhabar.

The board has suggested that the railways be constructed within four years but till now no preparations have been made in regards to this.

Before the proposal, the board had conducted a feasibility study; forming a high-level committee for the purpose. The committee consisted of National Planning Commission’s Hirendra Man Pradhan, Board’s Madhu Sudan Bhetwal, Ministry of Finance’s Baikuntha Aryal, Ministry of Transport Management’s Ananta Acharya and Department of Railway’s Bishnu Om Bade.

The first route proposed is a 54KM route starting from Naagdhunga of Kathmandu and ending on Dhulikhel of Kavre.

And the second route is a 25KM route starting from Budhanilakantha of Kathmandu to the beginning point of Kathmandu-Tarai fast track in Lalitpur.

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Though detailed reports have not been prepared for both routes, it is estimated that they will cost Rs. 316 Billion. The total power consumption is estimated at around 35MW power.

According to transport engineers, any other means except the railway cannot bear the pressure of passengers if a city has more than three million regular commuters. Kathmandu currently as four million regular commuters.

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