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Interview with Merolagani.com – The Ultimate Stock Market App!

Stock Exchange is something that might not be trivial to all. But, it is immensely important to those individuals and groups who are engaged with stock exchange in Nepal in one way or other. Getting the genuine information about the stock market is utterly important in different scenario and this job is well done by MeroLagani.com.


Merolagani.com provides live stock quotes, News, announcements, Annual and Quarterly reports, and analysis and provides portfolio management tools. Merolagani presents a Portfolio tracker specially designed for Nepali needs. It allows you to track all your investments and make you aware of all your gains and losses.

I had a small conversation with Merlogani.com. Here are some responses from them:

About Merolagani.com, who are behind this initiative?

Merolagani.com was once launched in 2007 with a feature of Virtual Stock Trading, It came from the idea where our professor allowed us to choose stocks worth Rs. 10 Lac and prepare a portfolio and see who would gain the maximum results in 1 month. We got the inspiration from there, and build the same thing online. It was then just college work. Later could not continue to update the website and slowly it died out.

Again, in 2013, we thought of building it again from scratch, and this time make it more informational and beneficial for the investors in the Nepalese stock market. We tried to provide all listed company information and share market prices. We differentiated ourselves by providing LIVE Stock Prices (Then, It was only available on nepalstock.com.np), Our Chief Editor, Tialk Koirala turned out a good bet and he got us some senses national stories of the stock market. Yes, there were some stories that we broke and people started believing us. Yes, we dropped the virtual stock trading thing and rather introduced the portfolio tracker for the users.

Merolagani.com is now a product of Asterisk Technology P. Ltd., registered in Kathmandu, Nepal. The company’s founders is Mr.Uttam Prasad Panta.

At this moment, we have 25k daily visits, Nepal Rank in Alexa is 12, 6000 registered users, 1000 email sent as alerts, 65k fans on our Facebook Page and 1400+ people are using our Portfolio Tracker service.

Differentiating features?

We established ourselves as one reliable source of stock market news. If there’s some news on our website, It’s true. Our portfolio tracker is way easier than others for managing their portfolios. We have an app, that is sync with the website data. We have alerts, any stock that breaches your target prices, a SMS or EMAIL alert will notify you.

Offline services?

We provide technical analysis training, that enables the investors to trade in the market. We are working towards development of the Nepalese stock market.

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How can a user take maximum benefit from Merolagani.com?

At this moment, our users can get all news about their companies on our website, interviews of the company’s chief people, our analysis of the company etc. We would ask our users to make a account and start using portfolio tracker, It is very useful tool to manage your daily share trading.

Use our ALERTS feature, it’s very useful.

Future plans?

We are working on data collection, so probably, we’ll be able to publish industry wide data. We are also working on ALERTS on company corporate actions like dividend declaration, book close, rights issue etc. As of now, our focus will be more on data collection and analysis.

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