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Instagram Rolls Out #SupportSmallBusiness Sticker to Support Businesses During COVID-19

Instagram rolled out a new feature on Monday to support small businesses. This feature allows users to find, discover, and support small businesses.

The new feature comes in the form of a sticker named “Support Small Businesses”. Any posts using the sticker will be added to a shared Instagram story highlighting similar posts from all the accounts you follow.

This trend has kicked off in Nepal as well and a lot of users are using it. If you use Instagram you must have surely noticed this sticker on various stories of your friends already.

In a blog post, Instagram described this as a way to allow people to show appreciation for the businesses they love. Which in turn helps businesses reach new customers and stay connected to the people they serve.

How to use #SupportSmallBusinesses?

If you want to show your support for any businesses on Instagram, go ahead and use the sticker. Just add the sticker to any pictures or videos you upload and the post will be added to a common Instagram story.

When your followers view your story, they can tap on the sticker and it will take them to the profile of the business you support.

Or you can do better if you mention the business in the sticker. Doing this will give your followers a preview of the account when they view the story.

When the businesses are mentioned in the sticker, they can repost the stories on their own stories or message the people who tagged them. And, businesses can also show support to fellow entrepreneurs via shoot outs.

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Virtual Foot Traffic For Businesses

This move from Instagram helps businesses to increase their online visibility. As businesses move online to stay open during the pandemic, the new feature will help them to reach new customers and vice versa.

To further help business, Instagram has also added a new section to the business profile called Business Resources. This will help businesses stay informed on the latest tools and resources that can help them during this time.

This feature comes as a part of Instagram’s existing COVID-19 directory on the web. Along with Facebook, Instagram has been helping users to navigate their business as all of the businesses face unexpected challenges due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

“We want to do everything we can to support small businesses right now, whether that’s building new tools to help them stay in touch with customers or giving people the power to easily show their love to businesses they care about,” said Instagram COO Justin Osofsky in a statement.

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