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ICT Expo to Take Place in Biratnagar For the First Time; ICT Expo 2018

Living with ICT is organizing the ICT Expo 2018 in Biratnagar for the first time. The event will take place in Jain Bhawan, Biratnagar and will go on from 21st December to 25th December 2018 (6th Poush to 10th Poush).

ict expo 2018

This event will focus on promoting education, service, and entrepreneurship in Nepali Youth. You will see participants ranging from small startup to successful businessmen in this event. Items to be displayed on the expo include smart home technology, laptops, smartphones, gadgets, new software, and innovative applications. Not only that, but there will also be some science exhibition and startups showing you their latest products.

The event will also include workshops on digital governance and smart cities which will draw the attention of the local government. This event probably might also inspire other young children to take up a liking on Computer Science as a subject. It definitely gives exposure to the new talents who will be displaying their products in the stalls. It is also a good place to network as some of the most commercially successful people in IT sector in Nepal will be there.

The stalls will cost Rs. 30K or Rs. 25K depending on the spot. One stall is equal to 3m by 3m of space. If you are interested to book a place you should visit the event’s website.  If you know more about the organizer, ICT, visit this page.

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