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Huawei Nova Series: Nova 3 and Nova 3i to Debut in Nepal this Month

The Nepalese market was totally covered by the Huawei wave this year. It was a meteoric rise for a company so rooted in Chinese markets with a relatively low profile in the previous years. Effective marketing played its part, but what good would marketing have been had the phones not been good enough? With some years of experience, Huawei understood the public preference for smartphones – Stylish and camera-centric. And their pursuit to make phones with a specific focus on these attributes resulted in the now iconic Huawei Nova series.

The first Nova phone to enter Nepal was the Huawei Nova 2i. Initially released for Rs. 33,900, this phone was one of the best midrange phone available on the market. Who knew one could get 4 cameras in a single smartphone, let alone at this price? The advertisement banners with the term “4-camera smartphone” were enough to intrigue customers into considering this phone. The rear-facing 16+2 MP camera and the front facing 13+2 MP camera both had the enticing Bokeh effects and they were amazing shooters for the price. The phone didn’t falter in other aspects too. It had a beautiful Full HD screen, a relatively new 18:9 aspect ratio, and great day-to-day performance. What else could you want from a phone? The design was fantastic and the cameras lived up to the hype.

huawei nova series

The Nova 2i became the best-selling Huawei phone in Nepal. With this amazing sales figure, the Nova lineup took Huawei’s brand familiarity and brand loyalty to a new high. Huawei suddenly became one of the most sought out smartphone brand in Nepal.

Now, Huawei had gained a massive following and a massive demand for their phones. But customers are always in search of something new. They want the trendy and exciting features on their smartphones. They want the latest and the greatest, always. And, Huawei delivered again.

Before the brilliance of the Nova 2i faded into distant memory among the customers, Huawei launched the amazing Nova 3e.

Nova 3e was a different phone from the Nova 2i. It had a different and a more premium glass-back design. And, it boasted the most trending feature of the time, the notch. But lacking in space, the Nova 3e couldn’t fit dual cameras at the front. When we saw it in pictures and looked at the specs, we, too, though it couldn’t be as good as the Nova 2i. But we were proven wrong once again. The Nova 3e was a beauty of a phone. It felt light in the hand, the full HD+ screen looked incredible for the price. The dual cameras on the back performed as admirably as the Nova 2i and the CPU performance was smooth for a midrange device. Nova 2i reigned on Nepali hearts for quite some time and later Nova 3e succeeded its predecessor; thanks to the its superior looks and designs. One may excel the other slightly, but there is no doubt that both of them are a heartthrob.

These two Nova phones were an amazing experience to use. The Nova lineup showed the real potential of Huawei’s smartphone manufacturing prowess. Now, Huawei is releasing two new Nova phones in Nepal within two weeks which are named Nova 3 and Nova 3i. We will be waiting to see what new-ness these phones will bring with them. They have a lofty reputation to precede and we won’t be surprised if they turn out to be even bigger hits than the Nova 2i and the Nova 3e.

Nova series has been getting better each time and we’re excited for the launch of Nova 3/3i. What about you?

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