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Huawei Nova 3 Red Now Available for Pre-Order; Get Free Huawei Gift Pack

Everyone does it. Apple does it. OnePlus does it. To keep the excitement on their phones high sometime after their launch, these companies release a new color for their smartphones that results in a momentary surge in their sales. Now, Huawei is following their suit. They are launching their latest mid-range bombshell, Nova 3, in a sterling Red color.

Huawei Nova 3 Red

The price of the ‘new’ Nova 3 Red will be the same as other Nova 3, Rs. 59,900. There won’t be a gradient effect with the Red color, but it will be shiny. The phone hasn’t been launched yet. It is up for pre-order from today, 20th September to 24th September and will be available in stores from 26th September. You can book this phone by completing this form.

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But why would you pre-order this phone if you can buy it six days from today? You won’t get the Huawei gift pack if you don’t pre-order. That gift pack has some useful accessories for your phone like Selfie stick, Power bank, and USB cables.

With the form, you have to deposit cash Rs. 3000, to seal the deal. You can either fill this form and take it to the nearest selected showrooms and deposit the cash there, or ask for the money to be collected at your home. Click here to check selected shops where you can pre-book your Nova 3 Red.

Nova 3 is a phone that gives you a flagship-level performance and flagship-level build quality at much less price than other handsets. If you are on the market for a phone and you like something that will stand out, the Nova 3 Red is a good choice.

Meanwhile, check out our review of the Huawei Nova 3!

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