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Honor Smartphones Rumored to Launch in Nepal

Pocophone is taking the world by storm. Countless citizens of countless nations are waiting to get their hands on this miraculous, magical device that gives them nearly 90% of what the most expensive phones provide their customers. We have heard RealMe is doing well in India and will likely come to Nepal. So, who’s missing? Huawei. Keep on reading if this makes no sense.

Giant Chinese smartphone brands have created sub-brands to combat (I think) brand fatigue. When everybody in India has a Xiaomi phone, it deters customers who want something different, something unique for themselves. No one would want to buy the same phone their friend and their grandmother is using. But a company needs to sell its phone. How does it do that? Create a sub-brand. Xiaomi created Poco. Oppo created RealMe.

While the same story is not true for Huawei (it launched its sub-brand to establish a good brand recognition outside China), Huawei too has a sub-brand called Honor. And our sources are saying that it might be coming to Nepal soon. We have also heard that the distributor of Honor smartphones in Nepal has been almost finalized.

Honor is known for selling amazing phones at an incredible price. Honor’s smartphones frequently come on top in lists of best budget smartphones internationally. The Honor View 10 was the first legitimate One-Plus challenger. Honor Play is similar to the Pocophone; it provides flagship performance at an unbelievable price. So, we are excited and hope that this brand enters Nepal. We just wish we knew more details on this subject.

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