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HamroDoctor App Launches Today to Address Health Problems in Nepal

hamrodoctor appEveryday in Nepal thousands of people struggle for better healthcare services. There are many problems behind it. But, the major problem that everybody must have come across is to find the best doctor that can give a better account on health issues.

To solve this existential problem and help people to make a better health decision a new app named “Hamro Doctor” has just launched today.

The app provides health related news and articles at the fingertips of the user. Added to the features, it has also the database of doctors, hospitals, clinics, ambulance and blood donor’s profile that can be a valuable asset for anyone in need or emergency.

There are two other features that marks the app beyond  a mainstream health news app. The first is “Medicine Tracking”, which can be used to track the timetable of the medicine one take and second is “Ask Expert”, that allows to ask a health related query to health experts.

HamroDoctor also has an online news portal that broadcasts health news. The portal has alike features of the mobile app.

The app is only available on Android. You can download the app at this link.

Try out this app, if you have any disappointments or suggestions, write it down on our comments section. We will make sure it gets reached to the developers/makers of the app.

HamroDoctor app has taken its first step to make our life healthier. Let’s hope, this app comes with the change that we all want to see.

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