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Hamro Patro Adds Hamro Election and Instant News Feature

Hamro Patro Election

The must-have app for all Nepalese, Hamro Patro, has recently released its newest update. Along with the bug fixes and optimization, this new update has included two new features in the app. The new  features are:

Hamro Election

With this update, the app users can now view candidates, parties, election status and results in the app. This feature launched in partnership with Ujyaalo Online allows users to find all the information regarding the Provincial and Federal Parliamentary Elections 2074. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the menu icon in the top left corner of the app’s home screen.

The new page that opens up has a search bar to search candidates, districts, and states. It has dedicated pages for candidates from each party contending for both House of Representatives and State Assembly. It also contains the candidate photo, name, party, area, other information, and result. The information can also be shared on different online platforms.

Election Update

Some of the information it contains includes information about the different parties, different states, total districts in each state and total voters in each state as well as each district. Furthermore, it has instant new results, Twitter feed, and election news.

People can also view their area results through filter options.

Instant News

The Instant News feature allows users to view the news of the present moment. This news can be recognized by a flash icon next to the new heading. This news can be opened instantly and will, as per Hamro Patro, consume less data. It can also be shared through Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and E-mail. Instant news can also be read on the web.

Till date, this update is only available in the Android version of Hamro Patro.

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